Greatness Is Here

I choose to be different in this season

I have decided to realign

I make time for me

I make time for the things that are important to me.

Greatness is here


Nothing will pile up

I deal with each one as it arises

I deal decisively

I deal conclusively

Greatness is here


I let go of many things

I make room for the greatness that is me

I am no longer too busy trying to please others

I am available to me

Greatness is here


I shift my focus to purpose

I fix my eye on destiny

I nail myself to my assignment

I demand the best from me

Greatness is here


I share the load with others

I bear my burden with grace

I lean into the arms of my Father

I trust His word alone

Greatness is here


I rise into the fullness He saw

I become the greatness He dreamt of

I embody the grace He bestows

I delight in His pathways

Greatness is here



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