Strength To Stand

It is in the unexpected places that we find strength.

For a long time, I expected that God would be found in very specific places only if we took very specific positions and said certain prayers. Recently I have had experiences I would never have anticipated that have affirmed my new belief that God is indeed everywhere and when he calls us to a place and assignment we are fully enabled for the task.

I work well at night but many times after a night of work, I need to get a set number of hours before I can function well. Recently I had an encounter where I needed to connect to something, and it took the whole night, and I had a full day the next day. I could have decided to go to bed when it was convenient, or I could determine to do the thing I needed to do.

I choose assignment over sleep.

The next day was long but even with very minimal sleep I was fully functional and able to handle work assignments very well. This got me wondering about how I deal with the important things in life. I focus on what is important and I find that is the thing that expands or increases. It is easy to focus on work and not on building faith or resting. Work will expand and increase but there will be a great cost in the other areas.

This ability to remain awake reminded me that I am only as strong as my weakest link or habit. If I struggle to workout or meditate or pray, I am only as strong as that struggle. The interesting thing is that no condition is final and there is room to change the outcome by listening to God and working out things as He says. Too simple? That is the truth of lifeā€¦it is not rocket science once you understand the principles that are listed out outlined in His plan.

What are you choosing to focus on?

Be sure to choose wisely what you fix your eyes on. There are many things we need to consider about life and the impact we want to have. There are hundreds of people waiting to learn what I know, and if I do not rise, who do I expect to reach them and help them rise and thrive? There is a demand on my life to reveal an aspect of creation that has never been seen yet I am often waiting for approval to rise.

The day I realise the depth of the demand laid on me by God to make room for creation to become its fullness is the day I will live with abandon. It is the day I break away from the shackles of expectation because I will finally understand that the pattern of my life MUST be different from everyone around me because the outcome desired is unique.

I MUST choose to follow my path no matter what.

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