Strength Is…….

Strength is not the absence of vulnerability

Or the undying ability to keep going

Or the absence of fear

Or the absence of failure


Strength is not the absence of tears

Or the external veneer of control

Or pushing beyond your threshold

Or hiding behind ‘no’ emotions


Strength is not hard words and arrogance

Or the illusion of stability in the storm

Or the absolute control of the narrative

Or the inability to deal with pain


Strength is not hardness of heart

Or the refusal to own your mess

Or hard headedness

Or stubbornness


Strength is not foolishly holding onto things

Or refusing to change because of fear

Or grasping at things that have failed

Or refusing to change because no one else wants to


Strength is choosing the path that matches you

Going the way that is designed for you

Trusting the process laid out for you

Knowing the prize and going for it


Strength is turning away when it is time

Even when others don’t think it is

Finding your voice after years of silence

Speaking your truth as needed


Strength is knowing you don’t have to travel with everyone

And being okay to leave those refusing to change

It is knowing when the time is right

Then taking the leap in that new direction


Strength is knowing your calling and pursuing it

Standing up after a trip and fall

Owing the things you have done daily

Rising every morning to try again


Strength is holding on as instructed

Believing when others doubt

Knowing the word spoken to and over you

Never losing sight of your goal


Strength is being true to yourself no matter what

Choosing your health and growth over others

Knowing your worth no matter what

Walking in your truth all the days of your life


Strength is built over time

Made stronger with every choice

Renewed every morning

Celebrated every night


Be strong and of good courage

Be strong and courageous

Be strong and very courageous

Be strong and of good courage

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