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I received an article on social media and though I don’t know the author, it resonates with my current thinking so I’ll share it.



I have heard so many messages preached on the altar about the prodigal son (Luke 5:11-32) but last Sunday’s sermon by a visiting priest in my parish was different.

As I listened to the homily, I learned some things that boosted my curiosity and left me with a serious concern…

My concern is that whenever the story of the prodigal son is narrated, the emphasis and focus is always centered on the prodigal son himself.

According to the Priest, we have spent so much time analyzing the prodigal son’s errors that we have become blinded to the errors of another major character (individual) in the same story…The elder brother to the prodigal son.

If you look at the church today, you will see a lot of Christians who fit into the description of the elder brother of the prodigal son. They appear zealous, holy and committed but when you take a closer look at their lives, you’ll begin to spot similar error.

The Priest had just four (4) questions for the elder brother of the prodigal son. He said any where we see him, please help him ask the “elder brother” these four (4) questions:

  1. Where were you, when your younger brother was making the terrible decision he made?
  2. How come you never made any attempt to go look for your younger brother to know how he was coping after he left the house?
  3. Why were you angry and bitter that he returned and that his return was celebrated?
  4. Why were you giving your father reasons why he shouldn’t have celebrated the return of your brother?

A Christianity where the errors and fall of a fellow comrade becomes an opportunity to rise is evil.

A Christianity where we try to gain favor and prove loyalty before authority by discrediting or running down a fellow brother is satanic.

A Christianity where we neglect and abandon our wounded brothers is demonic.

A Christianity where the strong does not uphold the weak is satanic.

A Christianity where the fall of a fellow brother/sister becomes a topic for gossips and discussions is evil.

A Christianity where we prefer discussing the weakness of a fellow comrade behind him/her to approaching and correcting him/her in love is evil.

A Christianity where we pray for a fellow brother/sister to err or fall so we can occupy his/her position is barbaric.

If you see Generational Impact smoking cigarette on the street after he has preached on facebook, will you reach out to him in love and intercede on his behalf?

If the fall of a fellow comrade does not touch and compel you to intercede on his behalf, then you are still far from God.

Enough of the hate in church.

Enough of plotting against each other.

Enough of analyzing and amplifying each other’s weakness.

We will do greater exploits as a team and as a unified body.

I am not your enemy, the devil is.

My fall should not bring joy to you.

Let us uphold each other and show love to the wounded in our midst.


Let’s have a honest conversation about this. Shalom.

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