Faith is….

Faith is not in nails
The colour
The length
The design
Even as life is complex

Faith is not in clothes
The length
The design
The fit
Even as decency is key

Faith is not in my hair
The style
The length
The colour
Even as its my crowning glory

Faith is not in physique
The muscle tone
The daily workout
The defined shape
Even as health is important

Faith is not in marriage
The youthful onset
The length of time
The appearance of oneness
Even as the union is useful

Faith is not in acquisition
The nice ride
The beautiful home
In the plush neighbourhood

Faith is not in appearance
The perfect colour
The perfect clothes
The perfect partner

Faith is
The substance of things hoped for
The evidence of things not seen
Small like a mustard seed
A mountain mover

Faith is
The road map for life
The antidote to poor sight
Trust in the person of God
Surrender to the ways of God

Faith is
The transformational power of the gospel
The foundation for life
Exceedingly abundantly above all
We could ask, think or imagine

Faith is
Life, power, strength to keep moving
The reason we hold on to life
The root of lasting transformation
The way to renew our minds

Design by Akiko Stories

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