Do you have time to pray?

God has all time to listen

He is waiting for your prayers now,

Talk to him

He is your Heavenly Father

Speak to him he is our creator

Talk to him he is our provider,

Approach him he is our refuge,

Connect to him he is our healer,

Lean on him he is our protection,

Rest in him he is our Saviour,

Understand he is our present help in times of trouble.


Prayers is not complaining,

Prayers is not murmuring,

Prayers are not made without faith or trust.

Stop complaining and start praying

I pray that you receive the grace to pray without ceasing


Wake up brethren and pray now

Pray in the mighty name of Jesus Christ

Pray and exercise your faith,

Pray believing Jesus Christ hears your prayers and your request,

Pray by faith,

Pray and mention the word of God

Pray and ask,

Pray and seek,

Pray and knock the door of heaven blessings

Pray without ceasing,

Pray pray pray


Prayers move every mountain that is standing before your success,

Prayer changes situations that are troubling your life,

Prayers can do marvellous 

Prayers is the only language that god hears and answer,

Pray pray pray


I pray that God restores your prayer life again,

I pray that you become a prayer warrior

I pray you grow strong in the mighty name of Jesus Christ

Arise now and kneel down and pray.

~ Collins Ambani

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