Push through even when it hurts.

One morning I sensed to add a jog to my workout. I used to be a cross country runner until my chest and knees begun to trouble me. I remembered the pain that stopped me in my tracks and now I was to add it to the weekly workout. How? Why would I do that? Yet this urgency to add running to the plan grew every day. It became clear that I had to add it urgently.

I had to conquer my fear…once and for all

Kyesubire Greigg

The first few days I almost cried. I really struggled the first day but it became clear that I had to believe it that I could do it and then walk by faith. It was so hard to keep going. I focused on 100 steps running and 100 steps walking then when there was a semblance of rhythm, it grew to 3 minutes jogging and 5 minutes walking to 500 meters and so on. The thing I had to get past every time was the invisible barrier of my personal limits and every time I crossed the strain barrier something within me broke and changed.

A few days later, as I reached that invisible barrier at 6000 steps, my body screamed to stop but my mind refused. I acknowledged that I was tired but I understood I could and indeed must overcome this barrier. I had to face the strain in my body then make the choice to do different, go further, keep moving. I spoke to my mind and said, “you can do this chica…you can do this. Just take another step.” As I spoke to myself, the barrier broke and my feet moved, I spoke again, and I moved and so I kept speaking until my whole body moved with greater ease.  Suddenly, the revelation of pushing through hit me.

All things are possible for those who believe.

Mark 9:23

Then my Father asked, “Do you realise this is how you must live from now on?”


“Pushing past the barriers in your heart and mind to connect with the WORD I have spoken over you and to you then work to keep rising and walking in absolute faith that all things are possible when you believe.

Finally I saw it…my new pattern. I would focus on acknowledging where I am, pushing through, refusing to be cowed, acknowledging that things won’t always be easy, but they will always be possible. I realised that the pain in my system was a way to recognise what stopped me before or could stop me now. I must choose to unpack it and chart a course of action for growth and success. Oh, don’t think that I would allow my body to be injured aimlessly, No!!! Rather, I would assess the pain and if it is strain and growth pains, I will push past. If medical pain, I would get the needed attention. However, nothing would stand in the way of my growth anymore because I have no shame of who I am or of my path.

I remind myself daily that no matter the route or the temperature, I will go out daily and train my body first then come in and train my mind. I will be vigilant about my habits so that I only retain those that create room for deep thinking, mediation, questions, connections and growth. I will evaluate my connections and retain those that allow me to grow and let go of those that drain life from me. I can select who comes with me on my way to an outstanding life.

I am no longer tied to places and people who want me to stagnate because that is the onset of death. When my two fitness friends challenged me to up the ante and add running, my mind said no and many people in my circle believed my stories that it is a lost opportunity since I was injured. These two brothers refused to accept my limitations and that opened me up to revelation that has changed my path completely.

Watch who you talk to, spend time with and consult because you become a sum total of them. Choose the right option and thrive

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