Oh Lord We Give You Thanks

Our father and Our God, We thank you

This 31st day of December 2021,

The year is a wrap

We come to you with a grateful heart.


We thank you for your protection

You have been with us every single day

We thank you for sustenance,

You have kept us alive


We thank you for provision,

You have supplied all our needs

We thank you for peace

You have surpassed the understanding of men,


We thank you for your sufficient grace and mercy

You have given us multiple chances

We thank you for work and for business

You have created opportunities for us

We thank you for the gift of friendship, for family and for our loved ones

You have preserved our communities


Lord all we can and are saying is


Thank You

Thank you.


Be exalted and be glorified in our lives

Be lifted high above the earth

You are God and you will always be


We trust you

We believe in you

We hold onto you

We rest in your love


By your grace and mercy

In Jesus mighty name we pray and believe



By Tim Mjete a prolific writer, lover of God, encourager and gracious believer

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