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Choose wisely

He gives us a choice

A choice to get up

A choice to take his hand

A choice to say yes

A choice to stand again

A choice to grow again

A choice to pick his strength

Oh, He gives us a choice


Choose today

Whether you will confidently trust

Or tearfully fear

Choose today

Whether you will stand on his promise

Or focus on the life

Choose today

Whether you will rise above the storm

Or run for cover on the ground

Choose today

Whether you will growth on demand

Or stagnate in the sand

Choose today

Where you will

Or life will choose for you

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Built on the rock.

In Genesis 1, we have the first interaction of Father, Son and Spirit having a conversation about the state of the world. It was void, dark and formless. It had nothing, was nothing but there was a vision in the heart of God for the space. Since He is God, but he is setting a foundation for us going forward, starts building from somewhere. He was not random or careless in how he did his thing.

He looked around, surveyed the land and saw it in its full state. His all-seeing eyes enabled him to know its state, know the things that are missing or need to be changed and how he needed to make man. He also knew who was on His team in the Son and the Spirit, so He SPOKE and CREATED light.

Even though He could have done everything without the light he opted to create light, and it struck me that the light was created with us in mind to give us a solid foundation. As I read scripture, I think it is so that he could carry us along with him as we can understand what he was up to and where the connections are. (But that is a story for another day)

LIGHT is the FOUNDATION that set the Creation pattern in motion:

  1. Light – day and night
  2. Firmament – heaven and earth
  3. Plants – good for everything
  4. The two lights – sun and moon
  5. Creatures – land and sea
  6. MAN – to rule and have dominion as the representative of God

Every day he added to the pattern, he added to the situation, he added the things that would enable the world to function as intended…he added until he reached the pinnacle of his creation…man. Man is the ultimate creation of God…designed to rule and have dominion on behalf of God. His role is to tend and keep; to care for the land as the Father would care for it; to love creation as the Father would love and care for it. Oh but man…he did his own things. He took things off script driven by greed and changed the path for the kingdom. He choose to be more concerned about his paths than to follow the ways of God. So the only redemption possible was the sending of Christ.

Christ is sent as the chief foundation builder, (1 Cor 3:9-15) for no other foundation can be laid and stand other than the one laid by Christ.  Christ is our FOUNDATION; He is the WORD of God, the LIGHT of the world, the PROMISE of help and success. He gave us LIFE, HOPE, and stability. He is our connection to God the Father, the Holy Spirit and divine provision. He is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE. How could we not follow Him and build the right foundation?

Why is the foundation important?

Foundations are critical because they are the make or break of any building. Different buildings have different foundations depending on the function of the building. This means that the foundations would differ if you are building a four-storey building an apartment block or a skyscraper. The foundation is critical because it gives stability, safety, and success and the same applies to our lives.

Foundations are:

  • Hidden: They are underground hidden by the building on its top and the earth around it.
  • Built first: No building can be raised in thin air but has to be anchored on the ground.
  • Different: No foundation is the same, it varies based on the depth and strength of the natural rock.

Is your foundation stable and able to withstand your assignment or is it weak and will crumble from the weight? Remember no building can stand without a foundation and foundations can only be repaired if the structural damage is just a little. Choose to build a solid foundation in life.


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Little Steps

God makes it easy for us

He breaks the journey down

Little bits, little steps

Steps that are small enough

tiny enough for us to handle

without giving up entirely.

There can be many instances to give up

Ah but God…

Oh God is so amazing

He picks us up

In moments of despair

In moments of defeat

In moments of weakness

Oh, He picks us up

He finds us in the storm

He finds us in the pit

He finds us in the dark

He finds us in the desert

He finds us in the rain

He finds us on the mountain

Oh, He picks us up

A life beyond your wildest dreams.

Let me tell you what happens when you submit to God’s will and leave everything to Him – and I mean every little detail. When you let Him choose for you, when you yield so that He can grant you the privilege of Him directing your life… Oh my! You end up living a life that is beyond your wildest dreams or expectations.

You end up on adventures, camping out in special places where you discover that leopards and hyenas roam by night!!!! Then you discover that there are black warrior moran angels sent to protect you. Ai God!

You end up on journeys of the mind and the heart and the spirit man that stretch you beyond belief but leave you anticipating the more that God can do. Understanding just how much you had limited Him till now.

You end up with that special person – that mysterious gift sent by God that He uses to tear you out of mindsets and places and spaces that would have kept you limited and bound – and stuck in the mundane.

You end up free and able to see once again – able to take flight, to believe, to trust, to dare… and you climb to the highest heights imaginable.

Oh I thank You God, our precious Father, redeemer and strength for surely You have done amazing and wondrous things. You have become our song, our steadfast rock, our still waters, our all in all.

Chioma Phillips


As I read the piece by Chioma I could not help but wonder if I had really found that kind of trust and belief she is talking about. Though I have believed before, there were so many questions and I didn’t have answers to all of them. For instance

  • Do I trust God absolutely?
  • Do I respond to His word immediately or do I negotiate?
  • Has trust changed my view of God and the world?
  • Is my life becoming proof of my walk with God?
  • Am I committed to remain in the place and posture of growth?
  • Is my walk with God producing daily change?

This is a jarring series of thoughts at the start of the year but what better time to shift deeper?

Join me thinking about this and let’s have some honest conversations.


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Chioma Phillips is the Editor of Msingi Afrika Magazine and the host of Msingi Afrika Television. Her hope is to see the Truth shared, with all who will listen, for the transformation of the people and the continent of Afrika – and the world. She believes passionately in the critical role that Afrika and Afrikans have to play on earth right now and hopes to ignite the spark that will cause them to see and believe who they are, so that they can live out their Truest lives for the remainder of their days.

The Anomaly

I’ve tried to fit in all my life 

I’ve tried to follow the common path 

I’ve tried to think like the crowd 

My oh my, I’ve failed every time 


I’ve tried to be politically correct 

I’ve tried to be socially appropriate

I’ve tried to live like others

My oh my, I’ve failed every time 


I have strong opinions

I have diverse perspectives 

I have tonnes of question 

I have deep silences


I feel every rejection

I sense people’s feelings

I see the struggle to align

I know the battle


I have no qualms speaking my truth

I have no challenge apologizing

I have no problem admitting I don’t know 

I’m learning to ask for help


I walk away and don’t look back

I weigh my words but don’t remain silent

I judge your actions and responses to me

I preserve my heart 


Everyone has a fair chance

To speak their truth

To challenge my position

To show their true self 

To understand my heart 


Everyone has a fair chance

To teach me something new

To chart a new path

To change their corner of the world


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I am my father’s daughter

I am born in his image and likeness

I am the replica of his assignment

I am the anomaly


I am different inside and outside

I am built and shaped differently

I am intensely simple

I am breathtakingly beautiful

I am the anomaly


I have different tastes

I have different hopes

I have a different focus

I have unexpected dreams

I am the anomaly


I choose God over man

I choose divine assignment over money

I choose eternity over today

I choose future reward over immediate gratification

I am the anomaly


I demand commitment from my community

I demand alignment of values and hopes

I demand candour from my people

I demand honesty to a fault

I am the anomaly


I will pray for insight daily

I will pursue God single-mindedly

I will conform to the divine instruction

I will pursue the divine pattern

I am the anomaly


I listen only to the WORD of the Father

I commit only to His plans

I never explain my stand or path

I let life prove God right in me

I am the anomaly


I will not be driven by culture

I will not wait for the approval of the elders

I will always choose DIVINE instruction

I will always stand on the scripture

I am the anomaly


Do not worry if I look hungry

Do not worry if I look shabby

Do not worry if my life looks like a failure

Do not worry if tears fill my eyes and fall

I am the anomaly


Don’t hold your breath waiting

I will not be like you

I will not live like any other

I choose to be ONLY me

I am the anomaly


I will be more politically incorrect

I will be more pointed and honest

I will be more open and true

I will challenge the status quo more

I am the anomaly


I will not apologise for being different

I will not apologise for pointing things out

I will not apologise for walking away

I will not apologise for disagreeing with you

I am the anomaly


I will continue to speak out

I will continue to walk my path

I will continue to pursue truth

I will continue to stand out

I am the anomaly


I am destined for greatness

My life daily proves the goodness of God

My life tells a unique story

My life brings forth interesting realities

I am the anomaly


My life is a city on a hill that cannot be hidden

My life is a light on a high stand

My life is broken as evidence of God’s goodness

My life is a showcase of the divine

I am the anomaly


Anomalies stand out

Anomalies start conversations

Anomalies shift trajectories

Anomalies accomplish the impossible

I am the anomaly


I was the anomaly yesterday

I am the anomaly today

I will be the anomaly tomorrow

I remain an anomaly eternally

I am the anomaly


Make a choice daily

Everything happens and works out for my good according to the plans and purposes of God and my living out my life. It is no longer enough to just be saved and going to heaven. Our lives must produce more of God every day or at least remain like him so that our walk would not be in vain.

As I write this, I am reminded of how everyone who did anything significant for God in scripture, had an encounter with God and changed permanently.

Abram became Abraham the father of nations and we are still his lineage. Sarai became Sarah, the mother of nations. Daniel and the three Hebrew boys were committed to their walk with God they could only be accused of sin aligned with their faith like when they prayed and who they obeyed. They were willing to lay their lives down for this God even if they couldn’t guarantee he would come through for them, and God showed up in full force.

Jeremiah believed in his calling and accepted it after the encounter in Jeremiah 1:1, and nothing remained the same. Ruth listened and acted in accordance with Naomi’s instructions, and she became part of the lineage of Christ. Rahab the prostitute identified the spies as spiritual men and stood in the gap for them providing cover and a way out for them and salvation for her whole family. She was also mentioned in the genealogy of Christ. Peter was transformed from a scared man who denied his Lord to the leader of the largest evangelism campaign ever seen in that day.

Saul had a transformational encounter on the road to Damascus that shifted him from a devout pharisee to a leading follower of Christ and the greatest missionary to the Gentiles in his day. Stephen was identified as an honourable man and given responsibilities that he did diligently until the day he was stoned. He did not flinch or run from the stoning rather held onto his love for God and the vision he saw of the heavens as they slew him.

Several times I have asked myself, why did they have such major transformations yet so many of us today seem to have more of a lip service commitment to God. We go through a spot or stretch of trouble, and we doubt the goodness of God yet no one, and I mean absolutely no one, who did anything of “maana” that is, worth, for God had it easy. I do not discount that sometimes life is hard, and the road is dark but surely, I say to myself, if Christ could be sweating blood and in distress when he was in Gethsemane praying, what makes me think I won’t have days like that?

I too struggle with the walk because there are parts of me that are still coming into alignment. I recently was having a period of feeling overwhelmed and as I went for a walk alone in the evening, I realised that I need to commit to simple daily actions and be consistent until that matter changed and the move to the next one. I realised that impatience and frustration will only bar me from becoming all I need to be because I must BECOME who he says I am before I can DO what he needs me to accomplish in His name.

I choose simple, daily actions so I can grow.


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It’s time to sit down

As we start the New Year, it is important to take time to prepare for the days coming if you didn’t do that before 2021 closed. We must be careful to prepare ahead for the days to come. Let’s take time to stop, breathe deep, then take time to sit…not just sit but sit and do something as we sit


For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it— lest, after he has laid the foundation, and is not able to finish, all who see it begin to mock him,

Luke 14:28-29


By Collins Ambani.

Brethren, this is that time of the year wherein a lot of activities place a high demand on your time. It’s also a time a number of Ministers engage in retreats and prayers for the new year.

Now listen!

Whether you are going in for a personal retreat or you are staying home, it is advised you take out time to sit down.

What are you sitting for?

Sit down to review the year. Your programs, time usage, relationships, and directions where you expended resources. This also affords you the opportunity to determine what to stop, minimize, increase, or introduce.

Sit down to plan. Many young ministers do not have a problem with praying for hours but many have little value for planning. Prayers become mere physical and emotional exercises where they are not directed to push a plan. Plan your year!

Sit down to listen to the right instructions from tested instructors through audio/video material. Quality instructions are the building blocks of great ventures. They help generate quality ideas.

Sit down to read that necessary book and plan out your book reading schedule for next year.

Sit down to know who shouldn’t belong to your inner circle this year. There are people you must consciously offload if you must make progress. They are like Jonahs who will never allow a smooth journey with their presence.

Sit down to re-evaluate the impact of your presence in the organization, community, or city where you are. This helps you to re-strategize in your program focus as will be directed by The Holy Spirit.

Sit down to set goals and pursuits -get spiritual, financial, and numerical goals and pursuits in the coming year.

Sit down to know the mentors you need to actualize your set goals. This will also help you to stop running around every ‘anointed’ man of God for Impartation and ‘grace tapping’ The truth remains, you don’t need everyone. Find the ones you need.

Sit down to know what skills or training will enhance your assignment and pursue its acquisition.

Sit down to know what percentage of your income goes out to God, charity, parents, and prophets.

The only way to escape a life of mockery is to first sit down. Many are always too much in a hurry to pursue without considering sitting down first hence, the abundance of littleness and disappointments at the end.

If you can very well sit down, when you stand, people must notice your rising hallelujah!


Shalom!!! Blessed 2021