Starting Mindset

Why should you just start?

Over the last few years, I have been challenged to understand my mindset and ensure it is right. What does right mean? Right means that my mindset will enable me to grow and become all that God intended for me when he created me. Right means it enables me to overcome the different barriers or situations that are holding me back. Right means that it encourages me to keep moving forward even in very challenging times.

Mindsets are taught in our homes and the environments we spend the most time in. We are raised with certain parameters and beliefs about life, people and things but we have to keep asking if they still serve us today. Let me explain, each family has its traditions and customs but are they all still good for the current situation?

Your ancestors didn’t trust a certain tribe because of their history but does that stand for everyone in that tribe or is it now a burden to carry? I remember listening to friends decry a certain tribe how they cannot be trusted yet I have friends from that tribe who are nothing like the generalisations being discussed. I had to question my belief about that group of people and many other things.

I say it is in the mindset because our view is influenced by how we think and what we believe.

There is work to be done

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