Hurting you redefined love

I hurt you unintentionally

I wanted to hide

I wanted to be silent

I wanted to walk away

But you said no!


You turned my harm into hope

Chose to work things out together

Chose to remain connected

Chose to grow in the process

Chose to stand on my side


You turned the hurt into a classroom

Helped me see my responses

Helped me understand your position

Helped us uncover our hidden selves

Helped me remain one with you


Your love and compassion change me

You hope for us strengthened me

Your grace and faith bolstered my confidence

Your commitment to us encouraged me

You helped me heal.


I’d like to say I’ll never hurt you

I know that is not true

I know I will make mistakes

I know we will fight

I know there will be hard times


I promise to choose to work it out

I promise to hold on tight to what we have

I promise to actively work on growing

I promise to never hurt you intentionally

I promise to do my best every time

Designed by Akiko Stories

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