Acceptance or Understanding

I have had some of the most jarring conversations recently that had me and still have me evaluating my walk with God. It is possible to learn from the simplest conversations as well as be left thinking through things you have always believed in but now have to challenge your thoughts and make deeper connections to our realities.


Do you long to be valuable?

I am valuable. So not longing for that.

I’m still working on understanding that I’m valuable

I don’t think it’s an understanding thing as much as it is an accepting thing

Acceptance comes from understanding…I think

Nope!! Understanding comes after acceptance.

πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” fafanua (explain) please

I don’t think we can understand love, can you say you have understood love?

Not fully, I find new dimensions of it daily

Does a child need to understand love to accept it?

No, they feel it and once they know who loves them, they always go to them and settle there

So, is it understanding or acceptance?


Still stuck at understanding.

πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ. I’m torn…because the more I think about it, acceptance seems bigger

So, if to understand is to have a clear or complete idea of something…Then based on this…You have not been loved or felt or gotten or even loved anyone in all your life.

Every day this hits me on the face…

What is believing? Is it understanding?

No, it’s acceptance.

Can you understand without explanation?


Do you believe Jesus died for you?


Do you believe it was done from Love?


Do you understand His love?

Not fully.

So, you haven’t accepted it?

Oh wow!!! I had never seen it that way

I think that’s where your block is at. You try to understand something (this literally means using your cognitive ability and intellect to bring something into a position you can fully comprehend) before accepting it. God is Love, there is no time or out of time you will be able to fully comprehend it and He has not once asked us to understand Him or His ways… Matter of fact His ways are past finding out. But He assures us that He loves us unconditionally and we should believe it, not believing it is doubting Him and His word. So your struggle with love, value and position is simply because you have put your mind as a judge of spiritual things and that will never satisfy you.

I don’t doubt His Love, yet I don’t receive it from others so does that negate it maybe…

God loves through people. If you can’t pick it from people how do you accept it from Him?

Good question

That’s like saying I take water from the City Council but not through my water meter.


Pause and think with me…do you accept or seek to understand?

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