I have had many moments where i could not understand what i felt until many days later but these days, I can peg it sooner. It is now clear that we cannot fully understand and control our emotions. Many times we tell people grieving tht they should be over something but most of us do not know how deeply the pain goes. So let me tell you

Grief is like a paper cut on your finger that is so small and often invisible but hurts so much. The pain is so intense that you cannot use hot water, chilly or even hold something close. It is so invisible but hurts like crazy. 

  • Sometimes you wake up and cannot get up
  • Other times your heart races so fast it literally hurts
  • Another time it will be uncontrollable rage and anger
  • Other times it is a deep sadness 
  • Yet other times it is the lack of focus
  • Then it could be in intense laughter and joy
  • It is also in the long days spent in bed, sleepless
  • other times…there are no words

We cannot deny that grief exists unless we want to deny one of the most beautiful things God gave us to thrive in life. We want to learn to love the place we are in and draw out the lessons of the season. There isn’t a single way to deal with grief so please don’t try to box others into a mold that they cannot remain in.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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