The Simple Life

Greatness Is Here

I choose to be different in this season

I have decided to realign

I make time for me

I make time for the things that are important to me.

Greatness is here


Nothing will pile up

I deal with each one as it arises

I deal decisively

I deal conclusively

Greatness is here


I let go of many things

I make room for the greatness that is me

I am no longer too busy trying to please others

I am available to me

Greatness is here


I shift my focus to purpose

I fix my eye on destiny

I nail myself to my assignment

I demand the best from me

Greatness is here


I share the load with others

I bear my burden with grace

I lean into the arms of my Father

I trust His word alone

Greatness is here


I rise into the fullness He saw

I become the greatness He dreamt of

I embody the grace He bestows

I delight in His pathways

Greatness is here


The Simple Life

Make Room For Greatness

The days seem shorter and the time seems to be flying by.

It has been quite a stretch to keep going because of the pain I feel inside. The last year has been long and challenging making me want to give up so many times. I lost so much but I did not know how to get it back or at least regain my footing and keep walking. So often I just wanted to curl up in the corner and cry. Even as many of the people around me joined as we sat in the corner waiting and wondering what is going on, there are few we saw who never gave up or lay down to sulk and cry like we did.

These people fascinate me because they seem unbreakable and unshakable until I saw one stop to take a break. We were in a meeting together and as soon as it was over, she walked out and went offline for a few hours. We usually talk several times a day but not this time. She just disappeared. I would not follow her, but I watched her online timeline, and she did not reappear for a while. Was she ok?

Why am I worried that something is wrong?

When you have people around you who live their lives a full throttle, you never expect them to need down time. You never think they could have bad or hard days. You never know what goes on in the background. I watched and waited to see how long it would be and it ended up being days before she appeared. Yes, I said days. Her profile had daily updates but this time she was silent for five days.

Could it be that I too could take time and be offline? Do I always have to be at full throttle? Did she know something I did not? not being one to hide questions, I asked her, and it was interesting when she said she needed time to re-group, so she went offline. She must have seen the shock on my face because she laughed then said,

“I needed to figure out a few things, so I took time out.”

It fascinated me that she was so calm about it. No apologies, no long stories, just simple words that changed my perspective. It is actually ok to be offline and take time to heal and refresh. It struck me that I had glorified the ability to keep going without rest. I had pursued burnout and exalted the notion of I am not good enough until I was working myself all the time and did not need a lot of sleep.

Do not get me wrong, hard work is important but so is rest. I do not mean lazing around all day and lounging doing nothing. No! I mean time to shut out the world and rebuild, regroup, re-energise. This means different things for different people but could include a social media break, sleep, workouts, conversations with important people, music, journaling reading time, research on things outside work, play time etc…the list is endless. It could be for a few minutes, hours, days, weeks and even months.

The important thing is to find ways to refresh and reignite.

I choose to be different in 2021 and make time for me and the things that are important to me. I am not going to let things pile up rather deal with each one as it arises and deal decisively. I will be letting go of so much to make room for the greatness that is me, but I have been too busy trying to please others.


Inspired by a life conversation I had recently.

Image from my personal sunset collection

The Simple Life

Make ME Whole

Holy Spirit move in me now

Not a moment later

Only now, not a moment more

I need Your life more than I can say

Move in me and make me whole.


Holy Spirit move in me now

Make my life complete

Focus my eyes on You alone

Keep me in line now and always

Move in me and make me whole.


Holy Spirit move in me now

Draw me deeper into You

Teach me Your hidden ways

Connect me to Your knowledge

Move in me and make me whole.


Holy Spirit move in me now

Teach me Your ways

Transform my by Your touch

Demonstrate Your power in me

Move in me and make me whole.


Holy Spirit move in me now

Open the pathways to rise

Open the eyes of my understanding

Open my ears to hear

Move in me and make me whole.


Holy Spirit move in me now

Open my heart to heal

Open my mouth to console

Open my spirit to Your move

Move in me and make me whole.


Holy Spirit move in me now

Be my vision, be my guide

Be my strength, be my song

Be my joy, be my peace

Move in me and make me whole.


Holy Spirit move in me now

Teach me Your word daily

Guide me into all truth

Be my one desire

Move in me and make me whole.


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The Simple Life

Challenging My Perspectives

Are you ready for God to show up now that you have dared Him?

One thing I have learnt in 2020, is that when God shows up, there is nothing that I knew before that will work the way I thought it should. As you dare God to do something new about your life, please expect Him to start by renewing your mind and pushing you to think thoughts that are outside your usual pattern. Scripture tells us we cannot put new wine into old wineskins so whatever you have carried to this point is an old wine skin and he will definitely remove that one from you before He puts anything fresh in you. This refers to everything in your life. Do not desire to revive it in the patterns you used to operate it rather ask God for direction on every step as you go ahead. Whatever you did last year, yesterday, an hour ago or whenever it was active to get bigger, closer, better etc. will not work this year or the coming one.

You are in a different place and so the things that worked before won’t work, and what the rest of creation is doing will not work for you. You are a unique part of God’s creation so your life has to be different from start to finish. You need very specific strategies from God for this season. In the last decade and with special focus in 2020, He has helped me to realise I don’t need money to live. You will say money makes the world go around and that may be true, yet He has given me a new perspective.

It was a challenging perspective at first, but it grew

I need provision so when food is low or I need something specific, I ask for that thing bit not money for that thing. Get it? Let me explain. For instance, I needed more financial freedom so I asked for increased work, contacts and income. I asked for appropriate insight, understanding, revelation, contacts, networks, mentors, connections, opportunities and interactions. Then I asked that he would open my eyes to see, my ears to hear and my mind to understand. That is what has made this year and the coming ones successful.

Or, I needed food so I will ask for rice, tomatoes, potatoes, chicken, mincemeat, carrots etc. not money for these things. He could answer in different ways. He could give me money to buy, send a visitor with my whole shopping list or a gift voucher or even send me a contract that would trade the food. This goes to all the needs I may have in life and in the last few years it has become the pattern that works. Could it be that you need to find your pattern and live by it no matter what?

So what needed to change?

I had to get to the point where I did not care who did what or said what about me because if the WORD is true that everything works together for my good, then even those in disagreement with my path and those sent to questions, will push me closer to God and build my character. We cannot be more caught up with what people are saying rather than what God is saying. I also realised that the road to success is many years long (at least 7) so even if I fall down or fail, that is part of the process and I will learn more from ‘failure’ and challengers than I ever will from success.

Each one must understand that their path is a very individual path and there are others who will only rise when you finish well. So stop worrying about what you don’t have and be thankful for what you have because what you focus on expands. As long as I focused on the difficult relationships around me they only got worse but when I begun to focus on the ones that I can pour out God into and ask Him for others to pour into me, it all changed. When I focused on having money in my pocket, it will remain empty but if I look forward to fulfilling my purpose and being the fullness I am designed for, I will indeed connect to the opportunities that will bring the provision I need.

I will not tell you it will turn around immediately, but you must daily choose to walk into the plan God has shared with you about your life. Seek approval, direction, conviction from God and allow men and women to only serve as the confirmation role as God assigns them to be. These are the hard lessons I have learnt from 2020 and I hope they are helpful to you.


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The Simple Life

Show Me The Way

Please show me the way

Guide me in all truth

Give me the grace and strength 

Draw in the support and resources 


All I desire is to HONOUR You 

All I want is to PRAISE You 

All I know is You are ABLE

All I can see is You


Hold my hand

Lead the way

Carry me through

Calm my heart


Strengthen my frame

Brighten my smile

Dry my tears

Calm my fears


You are my one desire

My all consuming fire

My beloved, my love

My desire, my longing

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The Simple Life

Let’s Be Real

We are so focused on the festivities of the new year and the children going back to school amid ongoing economic challenges and many of us are able to hide the overwhelming anxiety we feel. One thing we did not anticipate is the toll that being at home would take on the children. The younger ones just want to get back to going out every day while the older ones have a few more questions and concerns they are hiding.

I have seen posts about the first day off school and the many little ones who are seemingly unaware of the value of the protocols in place. I have read concerns about children still sharing sweets, trading masks, and walking hand in hand around the school or to the bus. I have some very profound conversations with the young king and queen. The younger generation is grappling with things we grappled with later in life. One of my young natives is grappling with things I am currently dealing with, yet she is in her late teens and I am in my mid-40s. I do not have the answers or tried, and true patterns like I would prefer but it has become a cool place of conversation and connection.

What do I say when I do not have or know the answer?

Simple…I admit I do not know. Now some of my acquaintances may think that is unwise because they want to appear strong. News flash…the younger generation know we are grappling and do not know what we are doing half the time. No matter how hard you try to hide it, the young ones know that we do not have it all together. They know some of us are scared out of our minds. They know you don’t have job security and money but since you keep showing that you have it, they will continue to demand it after all, “…I am the child, and they are the adult…”

This is the year to be REAL. We must be honest first with ourselves and then with others including our offspring or the fruit of our loins or the next generation. Since they know we are not as hot as we portray, how about teaching them to be real about who they are, accept themselves and their gifts then teach them to build in accountability in their lives? How about teaching them to value themselves over the media pictures? How about showing them how hard we work to provide? How about showing them the secret place where you spend time to know God? How about teaching them to deal with God in prayer and meditation for He supplies all our needs according to riches in glory.

Many cannot teach these things because we do not really know them.

We can only teach whatever we know for certain. So, remember that teacher who did not want questions during chemistry? Could it be that they did not know the answer and were trying to hide behind the students are rude and we should never question adults? Could it be that that teacher who hit you so hard was the one who wasn’t articulate, and they had to find ways to make us align and comply?

We cannot afford to do the same with our children because though externally those heavy-handed measures worked for us, they also injured many of us irreversibly on the inside. They set a precedent that lied to us about our levels of importance and taught us to hide our feelings. They denied us the joy of being honest, the ability to negotiate, the ability to connect with people around us and opportunities to rise high.

As you step into the new season, choose to be different.

Choose to listen to and understand the younger ones. Choose to walk in honesty with them. be real with yourself about who you are, what you expect from life, what you will put in to get what you need out. Find balance in your faith and a deeper sense of self and self-worth. You are more than you have ever know or even imagined. You are the fulfilment God is waiting for on a very special assignment and change in creation. You are the answer to a very specific question when you rise to your fullest.

Your place of birth, upbringing, life experience and connections are tied to who you must become in this season. Nothing goes to waste in the divine plan, nothing ever fails when we give Him way. We can see in the lives that are fully yielded, no holds barred, because they become outstanding wonders every time. Arise, let no other hold you back, let go of all the fear you have learnt and absorbed from those around you and pursue the greatness that lies within you.

Stop, think, become…it is possible and totally needed.

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The Simple Life

A New Beginning

A new beginning is what I want

A new start on the wings of the dawn


Since the days of man are determined

The number of his months is with You oh Lord

You have appointed his limits

These he cannot pass or counter

A new beginning is what I want

A new start on the wings of the dawn


For there is hope for a tree

If it is cut down,

It will sprout again

And its tender shoors will not cease

A new beginning is what I want

A new start on the wings of the dawn


Though the roots grow old in the earth

Its stump may die in the ground

At the scent of water, it will bud

It will bring forth branches like a plant

A new beginning is what I want

A new start on the wings of the dawn


Give me an undivided heart

put a new spirit in me

remove my heart of stone

give me a heart of flesh.

A new beginning is what I want

A new start on the wings of the dawn


I put my hope in You oh LORD

Please renew my strength.

Teach me to soar on wings like eagles

Make me run and not grow weary,

will walk and not be faint.

A new beginning is what I want

A new start on the wings of the dawn


Teach me to revere Your name

Let the sun of righteousness will rise

Rise with healing in its rays

That I may frolic like well-fed calves

A new beginning is what I want

A new start on the wings of the dawn


Wipe every tear from my eyes.

Remove the cry for the old order of things

Make everything new

Oh Father whose words are trustworthy and true

A new beginning is what I want

A new start on the wings of the dawn


So I forget the former things

I let go of the past

I see the new thing you are doing

It springs forth like the dawn

A new beginning is what I want

A new start on the wings of the dawn


You have made a way in the wilderness

There are streams in the desert

There are pathways in the forest

There are shades to sit under

A new beginning is what I want

A new start on the wings of the dawn


A new beginning is what I want

A new start on the wings of the dawn

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Inspired by a collection of scriptures – Job 14; Ez 11 & 39; Is 40 & 43; Mal 4; Rev 21.

The Simple Life

Sounds of Renewal

Do you have music that has spoken to your soul this year?

Music has healed and strengthened my heart daily through this season. I have been soothed over and over by a mix of music shared from some of the most interesting sources. The young king in my home has shared links repeatedly that have led me to music and artists I would otherwise have not found. I have also found great solace in live worship sessions as we have sat together listening and praying over life, the season, and the future. Most interesting has been the days with a single song on repeat or instrumentals on soft as I worked through the day.

Music has healing and restoration power that soothes and as I share my play list for the year I hope you find strength through this list.

What music has changed your perspective or strengthened you this year?

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The Simple Life

Introspect & Execute

There are many things I can say about 2020, but the things I will focus on are the ones I learnt in different angles. Introspection has always been my strong point but it is currently on steroids and I find it hard not to think deeply. I know people who would rather not introspect because it reminds them of what has failed but it invigorates me. Introspection inspires me to look at the challenge, what didn’t work, why it didn’t work and how to move forward.

Introspection wasn’t always so productive because I couldn’t take it to the end of executing. It took time to understand that just thinking about things isn’t that helpful if nothing comes out. Then I discovered that the way to get things done is to think them through, write them down, share them with others. Interestingly, I have added an angle, there are people who need a model with dealing with life, so I share what I have learnt this year.

So here are the things I learnt about myself and life in 2020 and I hope someone else will find inspiration and strength to go on from them.


  • I am human and fallible
  • I am responsible
  • I am able & capable
  • I am ENOUGH
  • I am connected
  • I am loved deeply and loveable
  • I am breathtakingly beautiful
  • I am made for more

For Work:

  • Focus is key…it expands everything
  • Not everyone will understand
  • Discipline is the difference
  • Shut up and work…proof cometh
  • Go the extra mile
  • Listen, focus, apply
  • Do it…no one else will
  • Progress not perfection
  • Growth happens in chaos

For Life:

  • Believe and act…walk by faith
  • Be faithful and diligent
  • Let go for real and leave it there
  • Take the step, things will open up
  • Keep learning
  • Know your tribe; build and protect it
  • When you miss people, look for them
  • Do you; Be you…don’t explain
  • Feel free to walk away


The Simple Life

24+ Lessons From 2020

2020 has been a very mixed year for many of us. I have had some very extreme lows but it has largely been a great year. I have grown in leaps and bounds, shattered many limitations and shocked myself as I have watched myself. Today I share some of the things I have learnt this year that have made it easier to keep going:

Nothing remains the same forever

The people who walk with you will surprise you

Build your tribe intentionally

You are the only one who can commit to your dream

Tomorrow is a blessing not a guarantee

Men plan but God executes and interrupts

Love is a verb, a choice and a commitment

Money and provision are two very different things

Opportunities come when I am in place working

When you don’t have faith in your abilities, tap into the faith others have in you

Results are the product of diligent, consistent, honest work…not wishful thinking

Take that step and grow yourself; it will pay off later

Show up in the meeting even if you don’t know anyone

Be willing to stand up and stand out

Very few people know what is really going on; be one of them

Read, read, and read some more; you will find something interesting

Gratitude and empathy are the new currency of life

Do the work in private and because you believe in the outcome not because you want people to notice

Your consistency will attract the needed attention, get it right

Be know for what you are good at not for disappointing others

Build your support networks diligently and carefully; you are as good as your tribe

Do at least one thing that scares you every year, ask someone to hold you accountable

The night will always pass; the morning will always come; the sun will always rise

Regular hand washing should have always been mandatory

A mask is a blessing and I will wear it for a long time to come

All things are possible with God and Faith

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