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Redefining our thoughts – 3

I am reading Dr. Trimm’s book Commanding Your Morning’ and so many things are jumping out at me. The primary realisation is that I cannot become something I cannot already envision myself to be. She puts it even better when she quoted a friend who told her that ‘…your feet cannot take you where your mind hasn’t already been.’ Isn’t that big?????? I think it’s really really big.


I have been meditating on the whole concept of renewing my mind. How does it happen? What does it mean? Will we all be able to renew our minds? Why does it seem easier for some people than others? What are the challenges and hindrances? Where does one start? What is the path marked for each of us?


It struck me that contrary to popular belief renewing the mind is not rocket science. It is the product of committed and consistent effort. Effort to reconnect the wires in my brain back to the way Papa created them. You see, my mind has over the years recorded reels and reels of conversations and prophesies doubts and fears and stored them deep in my subconscious mind. All this is regardless whether they are true or not. It has been going on for so long that I now believe all those things as gospel truth even though some of them are contrary to what God is saying about me. Therefore, when something happens I was prone to say things like:

  • …that is just how life works
  • …I am not really good at that
  • …it never seems to work for me
  • …she is so lucky because….
  • …I will never be…..
  • And the list is endless


The reality is that I am the only one who can take the word God has spoken over my life and call it into being then act upon it. The flip side is that if I don’t believe His word about me I cannot become anything close to it. I won’t even believe whatever He says about me because I will remember and possibly cling to all the things I am not good at and I have failed at in the past. The memory of the past will affect ability to move forward.


So I asked myself, how can some people be moving forward and achieving loads yet I am in the same place I have always been? Why is it that some people made it despite incredible odds yet I am seemingly stuck despite my great potential? The trigger came for me when I realised that I need to change the print of my life. I needed to change the print from my thoughts to beliefs to words and finally actions. There is a lot of talk about our footprint and finger print but I came face to face with an even bigger print that I had to discover and align to. I came across the Voice Print. Yes, I said Voice Print.


When I first heard it from Dr. Trimm I was like…what??? No way!!! That borders on absurd and for a long moment I stopped in my tracks

However, I realised that she IS actually right!!!! My words have limited me in line with my thoughts. I realised that the extent of my thought process had become the boundaries of my words and beliefs. The fact that I have said certain things over and over again had reinforced them into my life and no matter how much I tried to believe otherwise it all was a losing battle. Every new thing I tried has been bound to fail because I do not believe it internally and I will not confess it externally. So my voice print had indeed been created from my thought process.


As I begun to internalise this, I realised that it is not impossible to re-write the script in my head but it takes time and consistent effort. The renewal of the mind had to begin with the awareness that my mind is corrupt and has moved away for the purposes of Papa for me hence it needs to be changed. Secondly I needed to change the script of what or who I listen to and where I hang out to be able to change the base message in mind. Third, I had to assess my closest relationships and realised that I could only go as far as my crowd. This helped me realise where I was going and if that was really the way I need to be walking in. Finally, when all is said and done I need to know for sure about what God thinks about me and who He desires I become. Once I know for sure that I am created in His image and likeness and I am able to make a difference in my mind the process begins. I can begin to understand His purpose for me and my life.


To renew my mind and my thought patterns is to change the way I think and this has to be done by removing one way of thinking and replacing it with another. I now understand better what God was talking about when He told Joshua to ‘meditate on the Word day and night that he may be prosperous and successful.’ Joshua 1:8-9. In the same scripture Joshua is told repeatedly to ‘be strong and courageous’ meaning that this change process will not be easy.


To redefine my thoughts means that on a daily basis I need to meditate on the word of Papa, internalise and commit to memory His word over me and then act on it till it resonates in my spirit. When it begins to resonate I will be able to speak it out with great conviction and as I speak it out the voice print over me changes. I am no longer bound by the negative thoughts that used to be part of my life. I find that when a negative thought comes, I am able to recognise it and deal with it. I have made the connection to the path that was set out for me. The path for a new life is unfolding one petal at a time one day at a time.


Dear Papa, help me continue to connect with your plans for me that it may resonate and make life more meaningful for at least one other person. Teach me to work with you and grow the depth of my relationship with you.


Dear reader, walk with me and post how the process is going. Be encouraged for there is hope ahead of us