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Living It Out As A Friend

Hi Anita

Hi Jean

How are you?

Photo Courtesy of Moses Nderitu

Photo Courtesy of Moses Nderitu

I’m good. You?

I’m good. Want to do coffee soon?

Sure, how about now?

Jean had bumped into Anita in the local mall on a chilly Saturday morning. She had a full afternoon but right now she could spare a little time to chat and catch up with Anita. It was three weeks since her chat with Daddy about Anita and she had taken care and time to keep her in prayer. After a while, the heaviness and guilt she had felt in her heart at the start had lifted and she had begun to understand what Daddy meant when he said that God would direct her on the path she was to take. She had begun to understand that life was more than just talking about people. There was greater peace in praying and listening to God, then doing what He said.

Oh, ok. I think I can do that

I’m glad…why don’t we sit over there

Anita pointed to a cute little café just by the car park with comfortable outdoor sofas. After finding a table in a quiet corner and ordering coffee and chocolate cake they sat in a companionable silence.

Jean, did you hear about me?

What about you?

That I had a breakdown?

Yes, I did

Who did you hear it from?

Honestly I don’t remember because we were a group of us together at the time


What did they say?

Photo courtesy of Moses Nderitu

Photo courtesy of Moses Nderitu

Well, the word was that your family is breaking up and your faith is breaking.
Did you believe it?

I must confess that I did till I went to tell my Dad and he put me in my place

What do you mean?

When I told him about the story in the aim of getting direction, he called me a rumour mongerer.

Hahahahahahahahaha…no way!!

Oh, yes!




Oh, quite simple…I heard from someone and told another without checking from the source if it was actually true. Moreover, I didn’t even stop to ask God if it was true and what to do.


You can say that again.

So what did he want you to do?

Simple, pray and ask God what to do then do it

Sounds simple enough! Did you?

Absolutely…I prayed and God asked me to pray for you and give you time.

How easy is that?

Easy? Not at all


Well, I wanted to do something, be here, call you etc

Do you honestly think that would have helped?

I don’t know but I surely hoped it would have

Well…your dad is wise

That I have discovered for myself. What do you mean in reference to your situation?

Well, I haven’t wanted to see or talk to anyone for a while.

Photo courtesy of Moses Nderitu

Photo courtesy of Moses Nderitu



So why are we sitting here?

Well, this morning I asked God to allow me to meet someone I could talk to then I saw you.

Ehe…mmmmhhhh. I don’t get it

This morning, I realised that I can no longer walk this road alone. Even as that was true, I was scared to just open up to anyone because of the things I had heard people had said about me. It became so important that I find direction on who to walk with.


I asked God to open a door for me to meet someone I could trust and then I left home.


When I go here, I walked around the mall window shopping before I sat on the bench over there.


As I sat there I remembered Matt 6:33 seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you. The I remembered the verse, if any of you ask for wisdom let him ask of God. So I asked God again to open a way for me to get strength for the day and the walk ahead. Then I saw you.

So how did I become the right person to talk to?

When I saw you, I just realised in my heart that you are the one I needed to talk to

Wow! I’m humbled. I don’t really know how I will be of help but I guess this is something only God can lead.

True. it is not a mistake that He had you told off so tht you could pray for me.

I agree

It wasn’t a mistake that you prayed and He said He would tell you when I was ready


It wasn’t a mistake that this morning I asked for a friend and then I see you

Wow! I’m stunned. Here I was thinking I was the worst sinner and I had brought total shame to my Heavenly Father. Dear God, you have redeemed and restored me to your plan and I stand amazed. Help me keep walking in your ways as you guide me in all truth and order  my steps.

Photo Courtesy Of Moses Nderitu

Photo Courtesy Of Moses Nderitu


Just as they said Amen, the steward arrived with their coffee and cake so the two girls sat and enjoyed each other’s company and the plan of God.


Who has been sent you way? What conversations do you need to have with someone unexpected? Have you allowed God to direct your steps?

Try it…you’ll never regret it.