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Unexpected Places

Roslyn Pryor 8

Photo taken in Anahein CA, Courtesy of Roskyn Pryor


Hi Jean, do you have a moment?

Who is this?


Sorry, Jessica who?

We met at Kingsley’s farewell

Oh, yes….how are you?

I am well thanks.

How can I help, I’m in a bit of a meeting here

I won’t take long. I just wanted to let you know that he rests in the Lord

What? When?

Day before yesterday

Was he unwell?

Not that we know so far.

What happened?

Well, he went to bed and slipped into glory at a point in the night

Was he alone at home?

No he has a housemate but there was nothing anyone could have done.

Ok thanks….


D is staring at me as if I have just lost my mind and I actually feel like I have. I am shocked to my toes and I don’t know where to start or end. Kingsley was a guy I met through a mutual friend. He was always the life of the party and made us all laugh. I loved hanging out with him though we didn’t do it often enough. Don’t get me wrong…he was so much fun but true to form we are always so busy there’s little to no time to look for each other.


Roslyn Pryor 7

Photo taken in Anahein CA, Courtesy of Roskyn Pryor

Hey…Earth to Jean…D tapped my hand

Oh my…sorry

Where did you go?


You spaced out for a bit


No need to apologise…who died?

How tactless of you?

Come on…who rested

A guy I know called Kingsley

Good friend

Not really but a really sweet guy.

Define sweet

Kind, warm, cool, laid back, funny

I’m all those things and you don’t call me sweet.

Maybe I do just not to your face

Aha…what happened?

He went to sleep and never woke up

Oh…how old was he?

Mid to late twenties


Yeah…wow…makes you wonder right?

Wonder what?

How long you really have here


Look at him…young healthy…here today gone tomorrow.

There are people who are over ninety and still very active.

That’s just it…how does God decide who goes and who stays?

I don’t know

How does He decide who gets sick, what illness, how ravaging, how mild? Does he even have a written criteria? Can I know when my turn is coming and how I will go? Think of the guy who leaves home in the morning and dies in a hit and run accident…uuurrrggghhh….


D…all you have to say is ok? Really?

Well, first yes that is all I have to say momentarily. Second, I’m not God so I wouldn’t know the answer.


I don’t have a third right now.

Ok…but don’t you ever wonder?

I do…


I leave it all to Him.

Really? How do you plan your life if you just leave and let live?

I didn’t say that…I said, I leave it to God.

What does that mean to you?

It means, I ask Him daily for direction and don’t assume that I’ll be here always.


We are human right?


Meaning we will all leave here for eternity right?


What is the gateway to eternity?


So we will surely die?

Yes…and you think about this stuff?



Because it is life.

Roslyn Pryor 8

Photo taken in Anahein CA, Courtesy of Roskyn Pryor


How what?

How do you just sit in your chair and think about it?

Well…My mum taught me to understand the realities of life and face them.

The realities?

Yes…the realities. Anger, love, death, life, sickness, health, loss, finding….the list is endless

And how does this help you?

Well, I know they are a part of life so at one point or another I will encounter one or the other so I must be prepared for all eventualities.

How do you prepare for death?

By building your faith in God that you don’t fear it but welcome it as the entrance to His presence.


Walking with Him daily



Yes…seriously…how do you prepare for it?

There’s no easy way to do it but first get your faith in God sorted


Spend time in the word and learn about this great God and His promises

On going

Spend time with His children and enjoy community

On going

Give back to the community as He tells you; both alone and in communion with others

On going

As you do this, you will get closer to Him and as you allow Him He will teach you all about His heart till the day you can say Paul….for me to live is Christ and to die is gain

I never understood that verse…how is it gain to die?

It is gain because He was Paul’s absolute desire…

Absolute desire?

Yes, in my humble opinion…

When people say that often they are opinionated… but go ahead

I think Paul meant that he had finally learnt that nothing in this world would satisfy him more than to love, serve and see God and since heaven is where God is why not look forward to getting there?

Can we look forward to getting to heaven?

Sure. And when we do it affects how we live our lives


Well, we will focus less on accumulating and more on influencing

What is wrong with having things?

Nothing essentially, the question is whether we are so focused on getting the things that we forget the actual giver. Do you know that everything you have is a gift and blessing for you from God?

Yes…but I have worked hard for everything I have…I have given time, energy and big value to get it

That could be true but what if God hadn’t given you health and strength, wisdom and ability to achieve it all, surely you wouldn’t have any of it.

Ok…I concede that…but surely he wants me to enjoy the things I have

Sure, but He also wants you to share them with the world around you.

Not that gain…