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On the mountain

So was in beautiful Sondu last weekend. We travelled from the lowlands of the Kano plains to the top of the Nyabondo Plateau in Sondu South Nyanza. The view was breathtaking and the people gracious as ever. To get to the homestead, we walked down the other side of the plateau along the path in this picture. It was wet, rocky, steep , treacherous in some places and scary to say the least, but we had to make it to the bottom. We were on assignment and nothing would stand in the way of our assignment. We were determined to reach the goal set before us.

On the way down the pressure was on our knees and at the bottom we felt like out legs would give out under us. On the way back up, the pressure was in the muscles on the back of our thighs. We even stopped halfway up to catch our breath, rest our muscles, enjoy the view and take pictures.

Once on top we cleaned our shoes and boots, washed our hands, sat and had tea and snacks. We were recharged and ready for the next phase of the journey that was the trip back to Nairobi that would take the whole night.

As I looked at this picture again I realised that the mountain top experience is amazing, exhilarating, breathtaking and full of relief joy and rest but remember there was a hard climb to get up there and there is a hard climb awaiting us on the way down. The exhilaration is the reward of the long arduous climb.

The parallel I could see was the move from one dispensation to another. When we are moving to a new dispensation and are walking in a new understanding of our destiny there will definitely be mountain top experiences. However, there will have been a steep climb to get there.

May the mountain top experience and the expectation of another experience in the near future be the energy we need to keep walking.

There are many parallels to this walk in my life right now and in the past and there will be more in the future. I pray that I will always remember the experience at the top and hold on to Papa’s hand because even as I walk up or down the mountain or as I enjoy the vista at the top….He will never leave my side and I am certain He is true and He will always be beside me.

Keep walking.