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Lasting Legacies

Today began just like any other ordinary day.  First was replenishing our water supply then preparations to go for morning fellowship. Little did I know that things had happened that would change our nation!

You see, we lost two national leaders and four members of our police force in a freak chopper crash early in the morning. Further to that, four years ago today, two members of parliament also perished in a plane crash. What a day!! The pain and sense of loss is greater for some more than others yet the whole nation of Kenya mourns the great men and woman we lost today.

Owing to the fact that we have become an expressive lot of people, I went online to see what others were thinking and what they had to say. I must say it took a lot of reading to just get through the posts on FB let alone Twitter. After loads of reading, I came across a comment that got me. It said, “Life is short, live your legacy so that you can leave a legacy.” Wagaki Mutonyi.

 Wow, is came alive to me…I was reminded that the only way we can leave a legacy is to live a life of purpose and conviction. It means we must be willing to stand and be counted for our convictions. Living a legacy comes from a clear knowledge of who I am, why I am here and what I can do for my community. This could mean I must be willing to give up something for the greater good of the community. The reality is that leaving a legacy is living for something that is greater than oneself.

I cannot leave a legacy if I am not convinced that my life is worth something and I can make a difference. It begins at home with my immediate family, then my extended family, friends, employees, colleagues and the world at large. Living a legacy demands that I remember that I could leave this world any time the Father calls me home after all, no one knows the time when God will call us home.

Then another thought came to mind. I realised that none of those who perished in the chopper crash or in the building that collapsed yesterday in Mlolongo, could have known that the goodbye they said to their loved ones in the morning was the last they would ever say. Imagine if one of them left after an argument or a harsh word was spoken. The day is over and the chance to change their words was gone never to return. Double wow!!

May my life be a living legacy of love, compassion, honesty, commitment and compassion. May I live my life according to the direction and instructions received from God everyday. May I find peace and strength in the knowledge that I have done the best I could do with everyday that I live. May I know for certain that if I lived this day again I would live it the same way because I have lived it to the best of my abilities.

Join me and aspire to live a legacy so we can leave great legacies.