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This week started on a very different note. Sunday was a quiet evening until I received a text on my phone that some friends had been in a bad accident. A few minutes later, word comes through that their little girl has passed on. Life changed in an instant. My perception, assessment and appreciation of life changed in a single blink.


You see, they are a careful and prayerful family and I am sure that when they left for home that day they had prayed and trusted their lives into God’s hands like the rest of us. So what happened? Why did God allow this little girl to leave us so unexpectedly? Why were the other drivers being foolish? What is the use of being careless on the road? And the list of why’s is endless. Yet in all of it Papa was silent.


Several hours later, still no answer but a strange peace settled on my heart. Then I found this song by Don Moen called Rescue:


My heart is yours for life,

I need your hand in mind, no one else will do

I put my trust in you

I need you Jesus to come to my rescue oh where else can I go?

There’s no other name by which I am saved

Oh capture me with grace, I will follow you


Dear Papa,

Rescue all of us for we need you. It hurts but I cannot change it so I need you to be present with all of us here and now…make it work for you.