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New Beginnings…#Jubilee

The last two years we have heard so much about Jubilee in Kenya, I am sure some of us are tired. I will talk about it again here because I believe it is of great importance.

Over the past few days I have had the wonderful opportunity to sit with people from different walks of life and age brackets and I have indeed gained great clarity from these discussions. One common thread has been that we must move from the talk, song and dance about jubilee to the actual reality and out working of the same. We must make good on the promises set before us by doing our part and walking tall.

My understanding of jubilee is Restoration…of course that aspect or understanding is not unique to me. The restoration we need to focus on is not of the material and the like. True jubilee starts with the restoration of each individual to their purpose and relationship with God. This restoration of relationship gives focus, balance and clarity.

Once we grasp the true meaning of jubilee, we will find strength in relationships because we weren’t created to live alone. This new level of understanding will bring change in all aspects of our lives. We will lose some relationships and gain others. We will do new things and forsake some old ways. One of my greatest lessons of 2013 has been that when I change some people won’t be able to adjust to the new me. This will dictate that the only way we can remain connected is if I go back to who I was before. Going back there would mean that the lessons I have learnt have been in vain and am not willing. There is likely to be a fallout…no?

When we understand and connect to the life we are designed to live we connect to our intended purpose and have the impact we are designed for. We will be able to effect change in our personal lives, families, places of work, communities, the nation and the world at large. Our lives are designed to impact and change everyone we meet. Remember how people were healed by simply coming to Christ? Our presence should be an open channel for God to work through regardless of where we are.

Freedom to be all we can be based on our continued connection to Papa himself is true Jubilee…let’s pursue that connection tenaciously and find peace. Every day must be lived on and in purpose.