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Listening & Shifting

Earlier this year I wrote a post called ‘Unsettled’ that has come back to me so heavily today that I went back to read it. The crux of the post is that God messed with my life and took out everything I had allowed to take greater importance than Him.

I now know it was highlighted today because my heart is once again unsettled. In the midst of the current state of affairs, it is easy to be shifted into panic mode or extreme busyness or deep stillness and each on must choose. Up until today, I thought my choices were balanced but now it is clear they were slowly getting out of whack.

I needed to rethink it all

My work has increased since life changed because my people have time to write and think and develop and I am a supporting piece to their growth. It has also increased because doors that were slightly ajar have swung open and the foundations of these collaborations need to be laid and laid well. I have also been grappling with the fact that I need to hear before I move but the pressure to keep running has been steadily rising until today when like a police man at the traffic lights, Papa said, ‘STOP!’

This afternoon, after a marathon morning of meetings, webinars, online posts and pending work, I asked myself, ‘Will any of these things die or self-destruct if I put them down for a bit?’ The answer was no, so I put it all away. I placed my phone down, put my work on hold and took a two hour timeout. Yes, two hours. I just needed to recalibrate urgently because internally I was churning and unsettled.

You see, every time I am unsettled it means several things:

Papa needs to say something or clarify something

A change is afoot

I am off track and running the race on my own.

The one that scares me the most is the last one because I never want to be caught running the race myself. Why? I have done it before and it is never pretty. So I needed to grind life to a stop for a bit. I stretched out on my bed in the middle of the afternoon listening to music and trying to be still but my mind wouldn’t stop racing for a while. It took a little time, but eventually it all slowed to a stop.

All the things I was doing and working on were adding value to others and meeting my assigned role but the intensity they generated was throwing me off guard and balance. If I had been paying more careful attention, I would have noticed earlier how things were being reassigned and realigned because a change needed to be made. My mind needed to shift.

Those moments of stillness changed something in me.

These are the days of shifting and the adjustments will keep being made until I am running efficiently by God’s plan and standard not mine. I rest assured that I am not yet at peak and so I must recalibrate more often. So I have settled it in my heart that adjustment is part of my new normal. Moments to stop, breathe deeply, listen and change direction will be many more. I must keep on this track and run this race well.

What is making your mind race at this time? What is making your anxious? Do you realise nothing is ever going to be like it was before? Nothing will ever be the same so we must discover our new normal and hold onto that. Yet even though that discovery is harder than most of us thought possible it is possible and must be pursued.

So off I go to keep listening and shifting. You are free to join me.


Photo by Paula on Pexels.com


The crowds are large

The people many

The needs great

The conversation lively

But my heart is lonely


The sky is blue

The wind is cool

The sun is just right

The birds are singing

But my heart is lonely


The rain has fallen

The seeds have sprouted

The plants have grown

The fruit is harvested

Yet my heart is lonely


I’m laughing in public

I’m chatting with people

I’m making progress at work

I’m teaching the wore

Yet my heart is lonely


My heart isn’t just lonely

It’s broken, scattered

It’s blown to smithereens

Its pulzerised

There’s nothing there


You have forsaken me

I am adrift at sea

There’s no land around me

No sight of a tree

Just water everywhere

I am alone


You have deserted me

I am in the desert

In the scorching sun

Low on water

With mirages all around

I am alone


You have abandoned me

I am by the roadside

Not a vehicle in sight

Those that pass speed by

Not a glance my way

I am alone


I have no food

I have no water

I have no shelter

I have no family

I have no work

I am alone


I have nowhere to go

I have nothing to do

I have no one to talk to

I have no hope to hold on to

I have no reason to believe

I am alone


Then I hear it

A rustle in the air

A shift in the atmosphere

A stillness in the silence

Like a warm wind blew through

I am no longer alone


I was no longer alone

There in the room it all changed

Peace descended like a warm rain

Calm wrapped me like a blanket

My heart began to settle

I am no longer alone


I am still at the bottom

And the only way is up

I am still unsure how to move

But strength is coming soon

Though I am still grasping

I am no longer alone


I am learning my Father cares

I am learning He has a plan

I am learning nothing is wasted

I am learning it all works

I am learning He is enough

I am no longer alone


I am not alone

God is with me

I am not alone

Grace is abundant

I am not alone

Strength is rising


I am not alone

My Father is watching

I am not alone

Jesus is with me

I am not alone

The Spirit is teaching


I am not alone

I will never be alone

I am learning to press in

I am growing in faith

I am no longer alone