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Wandering thoughts


Stay focused.  Your thoughts have wandered from things that are relevant and have brought up the past to instill a sense of failure and condemnation.  There is little if anything you can do about old issues.  Don’t dwell on the past or allow regrets to hinder your walk in the Spirit.  Release yourself from torment, says the Lord, and be free.

Galatians 5:1 Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage.


I wasn’t ready for this one but here it came. Yet it was so true.

Just this morning as the day begun I was really struggling to keep focus on the things Papa has said over and over in my life. It was like life was conspiring to make me out to be a liar. Some of the things that happened may seem normal to everyone else but to me they were big things at that time.

First, I got stuck in traffic. Now you may say that is normal but not for me…I haven’t sat in as much traffic as I did today in over three years. Next, the shop I had felt led to did not have what I needed so I had to shop around. Next, I took longer than it should have taken to find what I needed. The people I asked for help gave me wrong information and all. Urggh!!!! In the back of my mind I am thinking about the document I am working on that isn’t making sense and costs are not adding up and I am so frustrated. I had to deliver one thing, find costs for something else, be at an exhibition and still deliver on my promise to my client.

By, 9.30am I was so tired it was like 10.00pm, yet the day wasn’t even half-way. Then I read the bulletin above and realised that trouble. ‘I was basing my expectation for today on the past and not fully on the word for today. I was so caught up in how it had worked in the past I had not seen the detour sign.’ Based on these happenings my day was a mess and I could not recover it.

I had to come back to the place where I accept that the pace for today had to be different and I had to connect to the message of today and the plan for today and forget the rest. What a relief when it all came into place. The resolution came a conversation with my business partner and an honest expression that I couldn’t do the exhibition. It came from sitting in the car under the shade and decoding my thoughts on paper as I ate an ice cream cone (best part was the ice cream). It came from moments of stillness and calmness even in the deep madness of the day. It came when the nanny said that she had found resolution for her problem.

At the end of the period of calmness, I realised that my focus had shifted and that caused major panic.

I rest in the love of Papa because I was reminded again that He is God and nothing other than what He has allowed can come my way. Amazing start to a very productive second half of my day. In a very limited way I begun to understand the words of Job when he said, Though he slay me, yet will I hope in him; I will surely defend my ways to his face. Job 13:15

My Thoughts – The seat of life

Looking down on the earth

In evaluating 2012 I have come to a stark realisation….there is so much more that could have come to pass if there was no misalignment. On one hand so much happened but now I realise more could have been achieved. Let me explain.

Say I am praying for greater opportunities for work and life. I will take a stand and tell those around me that I am trusting God for great things. I have said it out loud and someone has heard me. However, the greater question is…What am I saying to myself in my inner most parts or in the privacy of my closet? Am I actively thanking God for the upcoming work even when there has been no work for a couple of months or am I talking with people about how hard it is to get work the right way and all? Am I in conversations and agreeing that business is hard to get? Am I silently wondering how I will get work and reminding myself that I don’t have a God father? The reality is that some of the most doubtful thoughts are hidden so deep in my subconscious mind I am not even aware of them.

It is all good that I am saying positive and constructive things on the outside. However, the truth is that if my thoughts (the inner most part of me and the manifestation of my heart) are not truly aligned with what I am saying there will be no fruit at the end of the year. In other words, unless I totally, truly and unshakably  believe that this is a great year and great things will happen, nothing will happen in the physical world no matter how hard I work.

Six years ago I sat in class at the Kingdom Business Network and our teacher Mr. Wahome always said, ”Your picture is your future.” At the time, the things I was believing for came to pass but once out of class and in the ‘real world’ things didn’t work as well. However, God wasn’t through with me and in His mercy and gentle teaching style, repeated the same words to me regularly in different forms like:

    • For as a man thinketh he is – Ps 23:7 – King David


  • Your feet cannot take you where your mind hasn’t already been – Dr Cindy Trimm
  • All that a man achieves of fails to achieve is a direct result of his thoughts – James Allen
  • It shall be done for you as you have believed – Christ to the Roman Soldier – Matt 8:13 AMP
  • All this are possible to him who believes – Jesus Christ – Mark 9:23 NASB


As time has unfolded I realised that there are so many other aspects I had to unravel for myself before this could become a daily truth and manifestation. I have always known my thoughts affect my life but did I really know how much? Dr. Trimm posed the following question “Could it be that you are where you are because of who you are?” I was stunned by the question’s simplicity. I realised that I am where I am because of who I think and believe I am. No one can make things happen for me. Not even God. I must latch onto His word and believe and live like I believe it and then He does the rest.

_MG_0211    There can be prophesies made over my life, I can decree and declare things, I can call things to life, I can be accountable to the whole world…it is all in vain if I do not unshakably believe what God has said about me. Confession, accountability, positivity, law of attraction…whatever is out there…is of no real use to my life if I don’t believe.

I am not talking about head knowledge. I am talking about a deep-seated conviction and certainty in the depths of my soul. The kind that will make me plant potatoes like Angus Buchan on the back of a drought and after 3 months go back and look for a harvest even when nothing sprouted above the ground. For Angus, the deep-seated belief in his soul that God had spoken was enough to tide him through immense difficulty and come out victorious.

My challenge this year is for all of us to take charge of our thoughts and bring them into alignment with God and His word over our lives…join me for this journey of exploration into how our thoughts are the core of our live and how we can find ways to tap into this great God-given reservoir of life.