Touch Can Heal.

Sometimes it is just in the simple things that life changes.

She was sitting head bowed with tears welling up behind closed eyelids too scared to stand and go for prayers in front when a gentle hand was laid on her shoulder. Nothing was said, she could not see who it was but there was healing in the touch that transported her to the foot of the throne and the tears fell.


Later she was sitting in the front seat looking out of the window as they drove home, reasonably silent listening to the conversation. She felt his gaze and turned to him then she saw his hand shift and she just knew. Without looking down, she placed her hand in his upturned one and held on for dear life. Peace welled up in her heart and spread through her body. Sleep settled on her for a few minutes until her spirit felt more whole and grounded.


He was settled at his desk working away, making as much headway as he could towards his daily target when his phone lit up and chimed. A simple message from her, “Hi, I hope your day is good. God bless you.” A quiet smile, a quick response sent, “Yup.” Such a simple thing to make his day


I am learning that in life, it is not the big things that shift our lives but the consistent small things that change how we see the world and secure our sense of belonging. I used to say I am ok on my own but 2022 has stripped me of my madness and blinders to show just how much that is a trauma response. My desire to be autonomous and stand-alone is based on things that have happened in the past that have scarred me.

Touch is powerful. Deep connection is superior

I find that as I have found that people will stay and not leave, and people genuinely like me, I have built trust and it has opened doors to healing I didn’t even know were closed. I have experienced God through people I wouldn’t have thought would be his hands and feet. I have been led onto the road of healing with a gentle hug or a stern conversation. I have seen what many would think are hard eyes that look through me to the soul and push me in the direction I need to go and bring great comfort because I know the heart behind the look.

Touch comes in many forms.

I have been touched physically with a hug, a gentle pat on the head, a hand-held, a head on the shoulder, a tickle, a palm on the small of my back, and a jab on the shoulder. I have been touched with a gaze whether playful, stern or gentle. I have been touched with a smile across the room. I have been touched in ways that my heart has known she is safe and there is room to heal and grow.

Touch restores.

Be mindful that not every touch should be accepted but understand that the right touch restores, rebuilds, renews, and regenerates. Be mindful of who touches you, know them and their motives so that you may maintain your balance. Be mindful of who you touch, let every contact you have with the world be restorative to you or to the one you touch.

Touch starts with me.

How I care for my own body determines how I expect or anticipate others to care for me. Am I gentle with my skin and hair? Do I value the way I handle myself? Am I concerned with my sense of wholeness and wellbeing? Can I truly say, I am kind to myself? Touch has to start with how I handle myself. Do I know my body well enough to feel the changes with the tips of my fingers before a doctor’s examination? Touch…tells me how well I am

Touch is game-changer…handle with care.

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