You Are Here

You are here and You said you will never leave,

We need you lord, we need you lord,
We need you Lord x4
You are true, and Your promises remain

We trust you lord, we trust you lord

We trust you Lord x4
You are king and You reign forever more

Reign in my life, reign in my life

Reign in my life x4

We love you Lord (repeat)

Dr. Tumi – You are here


Jehovah God is with me always, has always been and will always be. I am just beginning to really grasp what this means? In the past my response was a normal one because knowing God was normal then questions begun to rise in my heart.

Do I actively connect, worship, listen, accept and respond or do I just enjoy the warmth of His embrace and walk away? Do I understand that there is as reason for this connection? Do I understand why He has chosen to work so deeply in me? Am I living out the fullness of my calling? Am I aware of His desired end game in my life? Do I really understand who I must connect with an pass on His love to? What do I need to showcase about Him and His plan for me? How can I say that I love and serve God but my life is bland and doesn’t reflect the very nature of my Father? Does my life reflect the deep sweet and intense flavour of God?

He is all loving and wise; He is a consuming fire, a righteous judge, a compassionate father, a rod, a staff. He keeps his word and promises. He is unchanged and unchanging. He turns to me and says I am here; I am ready to change your life. Take my hand and let’s walk together. He shows His love for me through nature, through people, circumstances, everything around me. He defines my view of the world, my conversations, He guides my choices and draws me in so that I am sure of my walk. He walks with me and though He doesn’t simplify the path, He teaches me that it is all about His plan and the process that will bring me into the fullness of His plan.

Nothing can ever change the fact that I am His and He is with me even when in the eyes of men my life is falling apart. Everything he allows me to walk through is for His honour and glory and my good. Nothing is in vain and I cannot fail as long as I am walking as he has instructed. The end game is to raise me to the perfect version of me He saw before He knit me together in my mother’s womb. The me that would be free of culture and religious practise but deeply steeped in His love and truth, led by His word and living out His will. Oh that I would become all that and then some. Oh that I would rise to the peak of His plan for me.

So Lord, reign in my life, take charge and control, raise me up to all you knew I would be, bring me into the fullness of who you saw before the foundations of the world. Draw me closer and reveal yourself to me, in me, with me and through me. Let it be known first in my heart and then through my life that You are indeed a true God.

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