When I Watched Me

Everyone is talking about New Year resolutions and plans for 2019 and I won’t chime in too much or try to reinforce anything going on.

It was interesting to watch and learn from myself during the holidays. December is review time because that is when I began the journey. Even more interesting was the capacity to remain true to the path. I knew I had grown and changed but the extent of growth was astounding. One of the most amazing things was the reality that the choices I have made over time have stuck and have become second nature.

My 2018 goals were fairly simple:

  • To lose 5.7 kilograms in the year
  • To work out 15 minutes 3 – 5 times a week
  • To eat healthily consistently
  • To check in daily – pictures of meals and workout done, bi-weekly weigh in and mirror check in
  • To translate the lessons learned into my walk of faith.

The outcome by December 31st 2018:

  • Lost 5.7 kilograms and down two and a half sizes
  • Walk 4-8km in on average 60-90 minutes 3-5 times a week
  • Reduced carbohydrates by three quarters; conquered my love for sweets
  • Balanced protein, fruit and vegetable intake
  • Sent in daily reports to coach no matter what I ate
  • Clear and youthful skin and hair

What is so astounding about this year?

  • I pushed past me and all the limitations and excuses I had before
  • I faced my fears even on days when I thought I couldn’t do it
  • My perspective and opinion of myself shifted and I finally believed my Father’s assertion that I am beautiful
  • The journey has helped and challenged others to do something about their lives and health
  • Cravings that I didn’t think I could deal with were broken and dealt with completely

I have always wanted to have an impact and help others change but I never really realised that I had to deal with myself so deeply and without discrimination to be able to really provide honest, local solutions using locally available elements to reach the pinnacle of who I am. I can never ever say that I can’t or I don’t know how or it is too hard. There is no backing down from here on out.

From this point on there are really no excuses to hold me back.

So the plan for 2019 is really simple:

  • Walk daily – increase the distance walked but keep the current time.
  • Eat carefully – keep the carbs low, proteins moderate, fruits and vegetables plenty
  • Remain accountable – keep up with coach and others on the journey
  • Share freely – the things I have learnt are useful to others to share as widely as possible
  • Rise into the fullness of who God says I am; His daughter, His Scribe, His Love.

Join me and let’s rise into the greatest version of ourselves as defined from before the foundations of the earth. The world is awaiting the greatness and gifts that lie in us and we owe the generations following us the gift of honesty and good example.

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