Each One Is Key

What are the odds that she knew what I had been thinking about? Slim to none. I hadn’t seen this sister for a couple of months and before that we would meet maybe once a month and share at most a smile and a hug. She is one of those ones I don’t know to say a lot so when she would speak, it is worth listening to. This particular day she was talking about things that have been on my heart for a while… the rise of the male sons of God.

I was seated in the corner as I often do, listening and focusing on the inner conversations so I didn’t know she was getting up to share until she begun to speak. My oh my!!!! I sat up and was speechless. It was as if she had been sitting in my room with me as I petitioned God for His sons and asked so many questions or as if I had been the one sitting behind the curtain in her room listening to her conversation.

This wasn’t a random conversation but a deep resonating in my spirit.

For so long it has seemed that the male sons of God have been bound, gagged and tied. Silenced and confined into spaces with very low ceilings unable to get past certain places and people. It is as if they have been severely limited by factors beyond anything they can see and when they rise, even those who walked closely with God seem to lose an element of their connection with Him.

I have been asking God what Sarah saw in Him that she would stand with boldness and defend her son saying, ‘cast out the bond women and her son, for the son of this bondwoman will not be heir with my son…’ Gen 21:10. There is also Rebekah who loved Jacob and defended him to attain his inheritance and fulfil God’s work, And the Lord said unto her, Two nations are in thy womb, and two manner of people shall be separated from thy bowels; and the one people shall be stronger than the other people; and the elder shall serve the younger…’ Gen 25:23.

What did these women see about the male sons of God that I need to connect to and bring forth?

If the words I penned last week are true that my rising isn’t about me showing earthly influence and power rather it is about full fidelity to the plan of God as HE has revealed to me in His word to my spirit before the foundations of the earth; what is the needed transformation of heart, mind and spirit by His hand and my obedience? How does my life Him glory and praise in reference to raising His sons?

As my sister prayed for the rising of the sons, I began to understand my role, my footprint, my fingerprint. I began to see that I need to open doors for them that only God can show me to open. If the male sons around me are to become all they need to be, I must be in the right position as only God has shown me that they may enter in to what is theirs. I have to understand that male and female were never meant to be in competition; there was never a battle of supremacy in the mind of God.

Female was made comparable to male meaning similar but not identical. There are unique elements that only female can deliver so that male would thrive and vice versa. As the carrier of the capacity to bring birth and forth, I must know what is needed around me and ensure that my life is positioned in a way that creates the right atmosphere. I don’t have the room or flexibility to say if he does this I will do that or if the doesn’t I won’t. I can only consistently provide what God wants from my life.

There is nothing unfair about the situation of me giving no matter what, because if I don’t deliver what I need to, God will send someone else in my stead and push me aside. If the male around me doesn’t deliver his part, God will also replace him because as long as I am growing as God intends, my life lays a demand on Him to keep His part of the agreement no matter who or what. This frees me up from the bondage of waiting for others because I understand that my role is critical and God will raise the needed support for His word to perform (Jer 1:12).

As I sat with God on the matter of His male sons, there were other daughters sitting with Him about the same matter and at the appointed time, we were all in the same place able to bring it to reality. What are you watching over to bring forth for God? Arise and take your place for the world awaits the coming of the sons of God and you are one of them (Rom 8:19).

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