Giants In The Land

The earth vibrated as they walked in

The air was thicker

The atmosphere more turbulent

Something was different


Then they saw the cause

Huge specimens of men

Produce taller than them

Animals the size of men


They were short in the sand

They felt totally intimidated

They knew they weren’t enough

They felt a very deep fear


Yet two saw it differently

Two understood the power of God

Two refused to let go of His word

Two remained faithful and diligent


Did they see the giants? Yes

Did they understand their size? Yes

Could their vision be different? Yes

Yet, two remained faithful and diligent


Giants are tailored to create fear

Giants are tailored to challenge our view

Giants are tailored to show our thoughts

Giants are tailored to move our faith


Giants are tailored to hide the view

Giants are tailored to shade the light

Giants are tailored to distract us

Giants are tailored to shift our lives


Do we really believe God’s word?

Do we really understand our call?

Do we really know the way on?

Do we really know our God?


Giants are tailored to make room

Room for a deeper knowledge of God

Room for a clearer view of God

Room for growth in faith


Room for faith to explode into full view

Room to open the doors of hope

Room to build on the foundation of God

Room for God to be know


Through the right lens and posture

Giants in the room are good

Giants in the room are for growth

Giants in the room are to build us


There are giants in the land

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