I am angry so I will do better

I am angry & I will not apologise

I am angry & will not be silent

I am angry & it will fuel change

I am angry


I am angry that we teach our children crazy things

We expect them to obey blindly

We demand they believe things that didn’t work for us

We create a false environment for them

We cushion them too much


I am angry that our daughters are deceived about their identity

It is not in marriage

It is not in children

It is not in power

It is not in control

It is the purity of the reason for their individual creation


I am angry that our daughters have imbibed lies

Skinny is beauty, voluptuous is bad

Light skin is perfection; dark skin is ugly

It is all about money and power

The next girl has to fall for you to rise

It is all about how you look


I am angry that we tell the girls to stay

Stay when in that abusive relationships

It is solely their responsibility to make it work

To give him time for they are a tool of God

It is your fault he is angy

Only for some to die


I am angry that no one counters the lies

Money does not make anything better

Nothing matters unless you are skinny

You will never be happy without children

Your are not enough unless rich and married

We bore the harshness and made so you must too


I am angry that we created a division

Raising the girl to be independent

Teaching her to do everythin

Raising her to believe she can

Demanding that she challenge the status quo

And never once helping her brothers


I am angry about the pressure to keep it in

The demand to be calm always

The lie that she will always know what to do

The fib that she has all the answers

The fallacy that she is the only one who doesn’t know

The false presentation of control


I am angry that though we know better many are silent

Many do not admit to our struggles

We withhold lifesaving information

We do not check on each other for real

We have no support structures

We do not understand the need for family


I am angry so I will do better for my daughters

I will speak the truths few others do

I will teach them the realities of life

I will build relationships

I will raise their brothers

I will stand and be counted


I am angry so I will open up my home as a haven

Keep my phone on & be reachable 24/7

Live my life as an open vulnerable book

No longer ply the lies that kept me bound

Do the work of healing within

Be accountable to others on the journey


I am angry so sound a clarion call for like minds

Challenge those around to do the same

Model a different set of possibilities

Shine my light without fear

Raise a generation of strong balanced sisters

BECOME the most amazing woman I will ever be


I am angry so I will do better

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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