Life is a Journey

Life is a journey and even when you think the route is clear…something can happen.

I have been part of a production that has taken a lot out me because of all the changes going on. It has been quite a journey to understand the realities of life and to find a pathway that works.

Simple things have changed my perspectives and I will share a few of them here:

There are spaces I need to colonise but in my simple minded state I cannot see the possibilities so I need to find people to walk with me.

There are spaces I already walk in that need more and I know they do but I am tired so I need to find people to challenge me.

There are spaces I stand which drain me of my strength and Joy, I must get out of them, so I need people to challenge me.

There are spaces that are the current challenge needed to grow and expand my view but I would rather walk away so I need people to hold me accountable.

At the end of the day, the thing that matters is the assignment and my alignment to the same.

Recently I was reminded that I am here to accomplish a goal, meet a need and change a life so even as it is important, comfort is not, cannot and will not be the focus of my life. It will take mind shifting but it is in progress.

Do not get me wrong, I sill like the good stuff and I will attain it but it will not be my singular driver anymore. I am determined to accomplish the assignment even without all the bells and whistles.

Something is happening, watch this space, greatness is rising.

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