Make Time

It took 14 years to agree to where and when we’d sit down together

It took an injury and a slowing down in life to accelerate the urgency to meet

It took too long to just get things in order to meet, have coffee and share a meal without the pressure of time.

YET, it was well worth it and I’d do it again in a heart beat with all MY people.


A day later I learnt his friend died unexpectedly from a hidden chronic illness.

Two days later we were navigating to console a family member in time.of grief.

That same day, an acquaintance shared about a broken family,

The next day it was all about those who has lost jobs and lost hope.


Then JOY burst forth for another as they closed on a deal and another on the trip of a lifetime

GRACE showed up for one seeking to mend a relationship and connect deeper

HOPE rose in the heart of a mother as life took root in her womb and remained healthy with every heartbeat and kick.

LOVE showed through in the choice to forgive, the choice to embrace change, the choice to believe


That is when I REMEMBERED how quickly life changes.


Let’s BE INTENTIONAL about our relationships

Let’s be DELIBERATE to make time for people

Let’s be prompt to WALK AWAY from situations that destroy our mental health

Let’s RECOGNISE that the only person we can change is us, others must own their lives and processes

Life is smoother when each one takes responsibility for their corner. Colonise your space and let go of anyone toxic or one who refuses to learn from life and change.


Plantain and Italian sausage at Ankole Grill Kitisuru

#NOEXCUSES #NoLimitations #AbundantGrace

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