If such little things are so unique,

why do we try to be so similar?

If simple is best

Why do we try to complicate everything?

If peace is the ultimate price

Why are we so easily agitated?


If the joy of the Lord is strength

Why do we pursue other things?

If grace abounds for all

Why are we so anxious?

If the mind controls our destiny

Why don’t we work on it?


Where is the focus?

Where is the hope?

Where is the fire?

Where is the gladness?

Where is the passion?

Where is the power to become?


Wouldn’t it be easier to hope than despair?

Wouldn’t it be easier to build than destroy?

Wouldn’t it be easier to change than remain the same?

Wouldn’t it be easier to thrive than wither?

Wouldn’t it be easier to dream than sleep?

Wouldn’t it just be easier to grow?


Our thoughts determine our altitude

Our thoughts curate out lives

Our thoughts change our world

Our thoughts are the garden of tomorrow

Our thoughts are the fuel of life

Our thoughts shift or settle things.


If our thoughts are small,

Or amplify lack

Or are fearful

Or are filled with shame

Or are limited

We will accomplish small things.


Choose to really mediate

Choose to train your thoughts

Choose to challenge the status quo

Choose to change drastically

Choose to rise above your past

Choose to be DISTINCT

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