Transformational Foundations

In this walk of life, our foundation is in Christ. Foundations are the security and stability of any building or life and our walk with God has to be based and built on and around a few important things:

Salvation – the walk starts when we accept Christ as the true son of God and commit our lives to him in full obedience and joy. This is more than just praying the sinner’s prayer and living life. It is about a close encounter with God that transforms our lives forever.

The Rhema word of God – Rhema word is when God speaks a word directly to us. This happens when a scripture jumps off the page as we read or a song suddenly ministers deeply or a thought comes to mind that is totally beyond our ability or a message you hear resonates very deeply within. The Rhema word strengthens us and inspires a deeper desire for God and commitment to Him.

Learn the disciplines of God – walking with God demands certain regular patterns of life and practices

  • Prayer – spending time with God in conversations committing self, others, the community, the world to God. It is a strong connection
  • Scripture – read the word of God daily, listen to messages
  • Fellowship – part of a community of believers
  • Fasting – letting go of things that hold our attention for a time that we may focus on God and prayer. The most common thing is food but that is not the limit
  • The practice of the presence of God – A deep commitment to be grounded in God and the habit of being soaked in His presence every moment of the day

Accountability – live under authority, have a community who know about your desire to walk with God and is committed to helping you stay the course

  • Personal commitment to God’s call
  • Peer accountability – with people your age
  • Mentors – people who are head of you on the journey who can guide
  • Parental – they brought you into the world

How do we build our foundation?

Choice – we choose to do whatever it takes to get closer to God, we choose to stay the course no matter what, we choose to walk in faith in the one who called us and holds us up, we CHOOSE to be intimate with God every single day and connect with His people

Stillness – a state of your heart that is free from worry and focused on God to hear his voice. Stillness has to come from the inside and thus cannot be faked. It is about a stillness in your spirit that opens up your heart and mind to God and His word no matter how soft his voice is. Stillness invigorates life and frees us to be who we really are.

Quiet time – time out of the routine of things to hear God, know his heart, understand his essence and become more like him. It is about scripture, meditation, prayer, connection and growth in all aspects of yourself.

Are you building your foundation today?

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