The Beauty of Creation

This week I discovered a great Facebook page for Sociedad Argentina de Horticultura…here is some of the beauty…

Two colours on one flower…we all have two sides. These don’t contradict, rather they enhance each other.



There are different kinds of storms but the source is one. Different tornado widths yet one source. Different cloud colours yet one source. We are from different backgrounds yet one Father, Lord over all.


Lightning is unpredictable at best, evasive at worst and then someone gets this shot…how? Look at the clouds, there are different colours, thicknesses, distance from the ground and purpose. What about you? It’s about being in the right place, at the right time, with the right people, state of mind and attitude. Are you properly positioned?

Find your place and position and operate in the fullness thereof. You were created on purpose. Psalms 139

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