Zip It Or Leave…


Why so quiet Jean?

I’m not quiet

You are quiet and pensive which tells me you are thinking about something


So what are you thinking about?


What life?

Everything about life

Want to talk about it?

Sure but maybe another time, there comes Sue…

Carol turned to see Susan walking towards them. It has been a while since she had seen her and the difference was amazing. She had lost so much weight yet instead of looking vibrant and glowing she looked sad and lost. Without hesitation Jean stood up and hugged Sue and held her for a minute.

Hi doll.

Hi Jean

How are you?

I’m ok…hi Carol

Hi…Carol couldn’t bring herself to say more than that

Sue do you want to sit?

I’m not sure…you seem to be in the middle of something

Nothing that can’t wait

Are you sure…Carol you seem uncomfortable

Oh, sure…yeah…it can wait


How is Bob and the kids?

I don’t know

What??? How don’t you know?

Seriously Jean!!! You don’t know? Carol blurted out

Know what?

That she is newly single?

IMG_20151209_063739Really Sue?

Yes! she replied looking down

What happened?

More things than I want to talk about.

Come on Sue, just tell us the truth.

What truth?

Oh I heard it all…

What did you hear Carol?

The rudeness, nastiness, accusations against Bob…how can you be unable to keep your marriage together even after you got married in church?


No Jean…why doesn’t she tell us what really happened?

Even I wouldn’t if you hit out at me like that

Well Jean, just like you always do you take the side of the other person over me

Like I always do?

Of course…when did you ever take my side in an argument?

I don’t take sides…I try to find the truth

Truth? Let me give you the truth…this sweet Sue here (makes the quotes sign with her fingers) put Bob through the wringer and by the time she was done with him he was a mess and had to look for another woman to make him feel like a man.

And who told you this Carol…Bob?

Oh, no! He is too hurt to speak up for himself.

So who told you?

My friend

Your friend who heard it from?

Another mutual friend

So it is all third maybe sixth hand if we track it back

IMG_20151209_063737What does it matter how many hands it is when I know it is the truth?

Truth according to who? Have you spoken to Bob to confirm the story? Have you heard Sue’s side?

Why should I when all she ever says is against him?

When did she last talk about this with you?


So how do you know it is all against him?

I was told!

Once again the grapevine told you and you have no substantive proof.

So what are you saying…that I’m a liar?

Nope! I’m asking what your source is and whether the story you are plying is really the whole story?

Like I would peddle a half story?

Well, have you heard Sue’s side?


Have you spoken to Bob?


Have you asked God about it?

Not really!

IMG_20151209_063740So how is it that you are peddling a full story?

You need to get off your high horse and realise that life isn’t as simple as you say it is. The real victim is always the one who has been left not the one who leaves.


Yes…If she was even a half decent Christian woman she would still be at home taking care of her children. She wouldn’t have walked out and left a man with two little ones to care for!!



I wish it was that simple!…Sue said softly

What do you wish was so simple?

I wish my leaving was so simple

What was so hard about it? You got up in the middle of the night and left…simple!

That isn’t how it happened. There is so much people don’t know that I could never talk about that led to my leaving.

There you go again…you can’t talk about it…maybe you just don’t want to talk about it!


Please what????

Can you just give it a break?

Give what a break?

Do you want to know her side or not?

I know all I need to know?

IMG_20151209_064348Carol…zip it or leave…

There was a moment of silence at the table as Jean and Carol starred at each other, finally Carol calmed down and Jean turned to Sue

But what happened to make you leave?

I had to make a choice, remain and go mad and possibly die or leave, find myself in God then figure how to rebuild my family.


Have there been days when whatever choice you had was between a rock and a hard place? Did you take the right way out or the easier way out?

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