Even When I Relapse

So I improved a lot and I had reduced sugar and my eating was under control, or so I thought. One Saturday my lil man, sister and I were hanging out and he shares his ice-cream with me. What kind of mother would I be if I declined this gesture of love? Do you know how it could hurt his feelings? So I oblige him and eat.
Shortly afterwards at my sister’s house I choose to taste some candy. Oh my Father I heaven…it is down hill from there. I cannot seem to stop eating the sweets. They are these really lovely chews a lot like skittles. Walalalala…now I can’t stop.
So of course, I send a picture of the package to coach and confess that I’m having a hard time stopping. It goes something like this:
These are so yummy
Oh my word! ?
Aki aki, I don’t know what is happening today
Only you can tell…
I don’t know… Maybe the taste of sugar in the ice cream has triggered a major crash
That’s a start. When you starve the body of something, it learns to get rid of it. Once you introduce it, natural reaction is to binge
And you are just saying this now because?
You had to learn for yourself. Me telling you wouldn’t make sense till you experienced it fully
Really? Aki you are a hard teacher…
You’re welcome! ?
I’m welcome? You mean there’s no sorrow on my behalf?
Sorrow? For what?
For me having a hard teacher
No, no, no! No sorrow. That’s how lessons are learned and remembered. Besides, what good is a soft teacher? Soft is seldom remembered. Hard leaves lasting memories.
Woi! I just have to learn because this is really a process based on God so it’s Him I should be asking for mercy not coach.
I lay it down, accept I need help and once again choose to be a vessel as He has defined. It’d be easy to lie and say I’m doing perfectly well, but my truth is that I am in process with my Father and He’s not given up on me so I won’t give up on me.

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