Baby Steps

Once the exercise started, it was hard. I had to figure out what to do, how to do it and do it well. It came to me that when God sets out to do something, He does it in spectacular fashion. Think about how He created the world and filled it such beauty that we marvel every day. Better still think of how intricately each of us is made and how wonderful it is to be unique and special.

With such a Father in Heaven what excuses do I have? I also thought of my Daddy, the one man who has pushed me to this place of greater commitment to God and the one who has set a very high example. Daddy would never give up on an instruction no matter the intensity. So what was I doing thinking about not finishing an instruction?

As if that wasn’t enough, God highlighted other members of my family who are on this journey and are pushing on despite life. He reminded me that when He suggested I follow this road, I agreed to work with Him and when I asked for help, He sent Coach. Why was I looking for reasons to get out?

In reality, I didn’t have any valuable excuses. Since when were excuses valuable? I think I meant viable there but valuable could also work here. Ooops, I digress! There was no option but to go forward so I buckled down and worked hard…real hard. I couldn’t measure myself with my siblings because they are ahead so I had to find a way. I worked hard according to where I am in life; the statement, each one to his own, became my mantra.

When I stall, Coach keeps saying baby steps. It didn’t make sense until I woke up one day and couldn’t remember why I even started this journey. I didn’t want to get out of bed let alone work out. Yet the voice on the inside simply said, get up? Yeah, that one…every morning it got me up accompanied by Coach’s ‘let me know what you do today.’

If you know God like I do, you know He knows the exact help we need and provides it, PAP! The challenge is whether or not we accept the route provided. In this instance, I needed to make the choice every day to get up and work out. I had to make a daily choice. No excuses. Suddenly it was clearer why Coach has always said I had to figure out  what exercise I would do, the combination, intensity, frequency etc.

Right then I knew I had to do this but it would not going to be on my terms. I would need help every day and I would ask God for help daily. This way I won’t ever think about giving up. I know that He will provide help as He deems best and I will reach our goal.



Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.” Mark 10:27

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