Push Through…Come On!

In the past, I had convinced myself that I couldn’t do certain exercises. I had determined in my head that they were too hard and I would never be able to get them straight so I would injure myself. Where had this come from? Oh, quite simple, a corner of life I had refused to deal with…where else? Here I was in the middle of nursing an injury needing to push myself more and more daily but there was a corner of my mind I needed to deal with.

I had conquered sit ups with practise now I needed to use that strength to conquer the next thing…planking. For those who don’t know what it is…check this out. I also had to figure out variety because I didn’t want my body to get used to the same routine so I looked through the exercise book on the app I am using.

Oh the capacity to say I can’t do that, I can’t do that, I can’t to that was so strong I had to look it in the face and find out why. My maternal grandfather always told his children, thankfully not his grandchildren, ‘Can’t is a word in a fools dictionary.’ So I am no fool so I needed to get that word out of the way. However, the greater driver had to come from my walk with God.

Had he asked me to follow this path? Yes! Does he change his mind? Not often! Does he set impossible routes for us? Never. I know some will say that he puts things in our paths that are painful and we cannot bear but he also promises to never leave us nor forsake us, he promises to be our shield and buckler, he promises to lead us in the dark places…so why was I being so foolish?

‘Dear Lord, you say all things are possible with you as long as I believe, so I am standing on your word for this one. I cannot do it if I try and I need to be able to get past this fear so please help me.’ Oh and bit by bit he came through. I am seeing incremental growth; little steps from 10 second planks to 15 seconds to 20 seconds; from only two reps to five or six reps of planking; from 5 sit ups to 10 sit ups the list is endless of these little steps.

Every day I marvel at how we have done and then share with coach and true to form he celebrates with me but always asks, ‘Can you do five more and add one more rep?’ The other day I bit back with, ‘Surely give my body time to acclimatise!’ His response was calm as ever, ‘I didn’t mean you add today, I just need you to keep the thought of adding front and centre.’ Guess what…the next morning my Father in heaven asked, ‘So how many more can we add to this set?’ I’m like…really? Can’t these two give me a break?

You know the answer as well as I do; No! They won’t give me a break until we reach the goal and then God changes the course and we keep going. So I press on towards the mark that is set out for me because He who begun the good work in me is faithful to complete it, I just have to agree with him.


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