Let Your Heart Weep

There is really no remedy for a broken heart other than to let it bleed

I know it sounds crazy but that is the best medicine when it hurts

Let the tears run down your cheeks until they stop

Lay your head on the shoulder of another and sigh

Vent and let out the pain pour out of your heart

Demand answers from God


The very act of emptying your soul to your Creator

Allows the hurt and pain out & unclogs the spirit

It creates room for a new plan & path

It leaves space for growth


Letting your heart to weep is important

Cleanses & purifies it

Eliminates anger and angst

Creates room for healing


If you are angry shout it out

Not to injure another or tear them apart

Not to create dissension

Only to make room for healing


I will allow you to cry & weep

I will allow you to vent & scream

I will allow you to ask questions

I will allow you to heal


Your pain is important

Your tears are like dew

Your sorrow is a path

Your healing is a balm


You will grow

You will heal

You will thrive again

It will get better


Indeed, it will get better

It will provide lessons

It will give direction

It will get better


Embrace, the ongoing process

Embrace, the journey though tough

Embrace, the lessons life is giving

Embrace, the coming joy


Yes, joy is coming sooner than you think

Joy is coming with strength you have never known

Joy is coming to light the rest of the way

Joy is coming, no matter what


Joy is coming no matter what!!!

Photo by Hoang Le on Pexels.com

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