The Rise To Success

What many may not know is the number of times I have tried and failed. I have started and closed down four businesses and restarted one. I have tried over and over to make ends meet but not reached the places I have wanted to. I have had to ask for help from people to put food on the table and I have had to choose between that new item of clothing I needed and putting food on the table. I have been negotiating a salary and been offered so little it sounded crazy then managed to live on that amount for several months.

I have been in relationships that have appeared to thrive on the outside but on the inside they are just a mess so I walk away. I have been shunned by the community because of my choice to walk away from a relationship that everyone expected to work but wasn’t working for me. I have broken off communication with a loved one because we don’t agree only to have to apologise and restart it because I took the wrong position.

I have made major mistakes in life and each and every time had to look at the failure and find a way out. I have smiled through very trying times not because I am better than anyone else but because every day my Father reminds me that the dark hole I keep finding myself in isn’t the way my life has to be.

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It has been and still is a daily, step by step journey but I have found clarity in sitting at the feet of my Father and paying no attention to the lessons He is teaching me. From where I sit, I have learnt some big things about making it:

  • SUCCESS is becoming all God has said, believing God’s word no matter what, walking through even when it is dark and lonely understanding it is a place of learning and growing.
  • Success is a marathon, ran at my pace with moment by moment and daily application of the lessons learnt.
  • Success is daily growth deepened love, a deep sense of wonder, curiosity and love with certainty that all things are indeed possible

To fully succeed some things much come into play and be lived out fully. I must:

Fully own my life and choices: I am responsible for where I am; my life is the sum total of my choices and I can change where I will get to. Owning allows me to see the mistakes and accept I made them then learn from them and move on. It allows me to learn what to avoid and what to do; it teaches me to press on no matter what.

Forgive myself: I have made mistakes along the way that have left me ashamed and hiding. I have hidden in plain sight wanting to fade into the woodwork because of my own foolish choices that led to loss and debt I couldn’t get out of. Forgiving myself allows me to rise and break away from the bondage of fear and produces deep lasting freedom. Forgiving myself sets me free to rise into fullness.

Accept and value the process: I have to understand that the skills I need on the other side of this challenge makes the current difficulty so important that if I don’t pass through it I will be unprepared for the next level. The situations I have been through and I am in create enough drama that will cause me to be honest, grow, become compassionate, deepen my relationships and know myself better.

Since success is on the other side of challenge, I press on no matter who or what. See you on the other side…the successful side.

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