As more days go by

As I think about you more

I realise what a mother I have

I see how much work I need to put

into being a better son.


I am amazed

How someone I met so randomly

Can be so beautiful

Can love so genuinely 

And never hold anything back.


There should be a verse

Written somewhere public

There are many pastors

There are many teachers

But very few real mothers.


You are my mama,

A mother who chose me,

Who took that mantle with ease and gladness

Who watches over my life diligently

Yet I haven’t been the best of sons.


You have shown me genuine love,

You are obvious in your care and concern.

You have lifted me up whenever we met

You gently but strongly pressed and pushed me

You challenge my mind to open.


You demand that I think

Think beyond my brick walls

Think beyond the mediocrity

Think beyond my life of confinement

Think and then act on it.


You believe in me even when I don’t

You are confident about my gift

You push me to be professional

You demand I focus on growth

You see my devotion to God.


You have never doubted my abilities

If you did it never shows

You warm me when I am being foolish

You stand on the sidelines watching

Never losing faith in me no matter what.


The last year may have been hard

Yet you have never left me

I count you as a huuuuge blessing

An ever present support

Always by and on my side.


I need you to know

I appreciate you mama

I appreciate you completely and wholly

I love you like the awesome wonder woman you are

I love you Mama!!


You have let God use you to bless

You have modelled habits for me

You have watched as God is working on me

Today I choose to be a better man

A man who loves God.


Your life is built on a WORD

A word God spoke to you

Not just you doing what you think

But living out a divine plan and pattern

That is a major difference


I daily learn how essential the word is

How much my walk depends on it

How many people will challenge it

How much I will have to choose the Word

How my belief of that word will strengthen me.


I am now on the right track.

There is so much I have to overcome

I really want to walk with God

There are always depths I will uncover

I will grow no matter what.


I have discovered the Well in God

I will always drink of God

I will discover myself in Him

I will get to know myself well

I will remove all facades & false mirrors.


You warm my heart mama

You have opened your heart to me

You inspire me to be so much better

You are vulnerable with your children

You always make us feel at safe and at home.


Mama you have my heart

You win it over, ever time we talk

Your faith in me inspires me to keep walking

I will find more time to spend with you

I will follow God more nearly, because of your example.


Thank you Mama,

Your love has changed my life

Your faith has charted a path

Your honesty has challenged me

Your love for God…is my greatest example.


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Inspired by a series of conversations

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