Pray Today

Pray that your eyes may see God

Pray that your ears may know His voice

Pray that your heart may be connected to his

Pray that your mind will be the mind of Christ

Pray that your will be subjected to His

Pray that your mind will be renewed

Pray that your inner man will be strengthened

Pray that your joy will be found in Him

Pray that He hides you under His wings


Pray for insight

Pray for salvation

Pray for knowledge

Pray for understanding

Pray for discernment

Pray for revelation

Pray for indescribably peace

Pray for firm hope

Pray for unwavering faith


Pray for unshakable belief

Pray for unconditional love

Pray for all sufficient grace

Pray for the right companions

Pray for the right connections

Pray for the right understanding

Pray for favour,

Pray for success,

Pray for victory,


Pray for deliverance,

Pray for healing,

Pray for breakthrough,

Pray for the help of the Holy Spirit,

Pray that God will guide you,

Pray that God will intervene in your work,

Pray that God would bless the work of your hands

Pray that God will use you as the vessel

Pray without EVER ceasing

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