Built on the rock.

In Genesis 1, we have the first interaction of Father, Son and Spirit having a conversation about the state of the world. It was void, dark and formless. It had nothing, was nothing but there was a vision in the heart of God for the space. Since He is God, but he is setting a foundation for us going forward, starts building from somewhere. He was not random or careless in how he did his thing.

He looked around, surveyed the land and saw it in its full state. His all-seeing eyes enabled him to know its state, know the things that are missing or need to be changed and how he needed to make man. He also knew who was on His team in the Son and the Spirit, so He SPOKE and CREATED light.

Even though He could have done everything without the light he opted to create light, and it struck me that the light was created with us in mind to give us a solid foundation. As I read scripture, I think it is so that he could carry us along with him as we can understand what he was up to and where the connections are. (But that is a story for another day)

LIGHT is the FOUNDATION that set the Creation pattern in motion:

  1. Light – day and night
  2. Firmament – heaven and earth
  3. Plants – good for everything
  4. The two lights – sun and moon
  5. Creatures – land and sea
  6. MAN – to rule and have dominion as the representative of God

Every day he added to the pattern, he added to the situation, he added the things that would enable the world to function as intended…he added until he reached the pinnacle of his creation…man. Man is the ultimate creation of God…designed to rule and have dominion on behalf of God. His role is to tend and keep; to care for the land as the Father would care for it; to love creation as the Father would love and care for it. Oh but man…he did his own things. He took things off script driven by greed and changed the path for the kingdom. He choose to be more concerned about his paths than to follow the ways of God. So the only redemption possible was the sending of Christ.

Christ is sent as the chief foundation builder, (1 Cor 3:9-15) for no other foundation can be laid and stand other than the one laid by Christ.  Christ is our FOUNDATION; He is the WORD of God, the LIGHT of the world, the PROMISE of help and success. He gave us LIFE, HOPE, and stability. He is our connection to God the Father, the Holy Spirit and divine provision. He is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE. How could we not follow Him and build the right foundation?

Why is the foundation important?

Foundations are critical because they are the make or break of any building. Different buildings have different foundations depending on the function of the building. This means that the foundations would differ if you are building a four-storey building an apartment block or a skyscraper. The foundation is critical because it gives stability, safety, and success and the same applies to our lives.

Foundations are:

  • Hidden: They are underground hidden by the building on its top and the earth around it.
  • Built first: No building can be raised in thin air but has to be anchored on the ground.
  • Different: No foundation is the same, it varies based on the depth and strength of the natural rock.

Is your foundation stable and able to withstand your assignment or is it weak and will crumble from the weight? Remember no building can stand without a foundation and foundations can only be repaired if the structural damage is just a little. Choose to build a solid foundation in life.


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