Faith is not a magic wand.

I don’t know about you but when we were growing up, salvation was painted as the one size fits all perfect solution. The clarion call was… “get save and ALL will be well with you and smooth sailing, free of trouble and hard times.” It sounded like take this ‘pill’ and you will never suffer again. I still hear that said but is it true? Does salvation instantly take every struggle away? If it does, why are so many believers still so poor? Why are people duped? Why are people still hateful and hurtful?

It has turned out that many people have ended up disappointed with God, upset that things haven’t gone their way. It has led to people walking away from the faith because they have been let down in one way or the other by God’s ‘inability’ to provide. I have seen young people opt not to follow their parent’s faith because their God is weak.

I know those seem simplistic but isn’t it true? Isn’t faith about the daily walk and knowing God? Isn’t it about a personal relationship and commitment? Isn’t it about walking in such a way that leads others to the faith? Too many of us give up easily, walk away easily, take the easier road out when things get tight…but faith is not a magic wand.

It won’t take away the hard times because they are important. It will not stop the rain because the ground needs water. It won’t stop the fire but it will protect from the burn. Faith is the foundation of our walk but it is not magic…it is a work in progress, an active choice.

The simple way to grow in the faith other than to do the work and to get to know God. The thing that defines the depth of our faith is the amount of time we spend growing it. There is value in being grounded because it is the secret sauce.

The thing I grapple the most with is that so many of us are so discouraged because we have a warped view of God. Oh that our hearts would connect to the real power of faith. The power to love, accept, connect, transform. The power to believe and be strong. The power to stand no matter what. The power of hope. The power of divine access and enabling.

Faith is not a magic wand, it is a covering, a strengthening, a guide through life, a foundation…faith is an experience that changes your life for good. Faith is so much more than a magic wand…it is life everlasting.

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