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Audacious & Fresh Possibilities

I had the genuine pleasure of attending a webinar by Michael Hyatt on goal setting on January 8th 2015 and it was mind michael hyattblowing. I am still processing a lot of it but I want to share my greatest ‘aha’ moment of the day.

Michael Hyatt said…Get Past The Past…yes…Get Past the Past. In the beginning I wanted to laugh at the statement but later in the day I had time to really think and it made sense. Let me help. In life, things don’t always go the way we want them to and life is often harder than we anticipate. At one point or other, we experience the big emotions of fear, uncertainty and doubt because of these things that happen. Yet, it’s not what we experience that matters rather how we deal with these experiences. Often we feel these big emotions because of unresolved experiences in the past. Don’t quit on me yet as I explain.

When we fail at something or don’t do it as well as we would like, our internal response is often to remember the event one way or another. This often becomes the starting point for the list of things we cannot do well. This list often creates a list of fears and discomfort. We have to deal with these feeling or we will lose out on great things in life. To deal with these emotions, we all need to externalise the failures, assess and work through them in totality. After all, ‘The future doesn’t equal the past.’ Did you know that, ‘failure always makes something good possible?’ Michael Hyatt. These possibilities are what we must focus on.

baby animals 1This caught and held my attention. As I looked back at 2014 with this renewed mindset, I actually began to see possibilities that were created by the challenges I went through. This thought process consolidated something I had only begun to understand in the last three weeks. The hard times almost took everything out of me but with this new hindsight I realised that these times gave me an opportunity to really understand me and grow in areas I will need to prosper in 2015 and beyond.

As I thought, I realised that I need to get past personal fear and doubt about my abilities. I need to reconnect to my personal purpose and my pattern. I need to understand how I am created to function and where I thrive. Once that is done, I need to live in that pattern for the rest of my life. I now understand deeper that the circumstances of my life will change but I have to be able to rise above each circumstance and find solid ground to walk on back out of the hard place.

So I want to go back to the statement ‘The future doesn’t equal the past.’ This statement really blew my mind on one hand and totally encouraged me on the other. It means that I can move from lack to abundance, loss to fail, failure to success, as easily as I can change my mind. Do you think it’s too simple to be true? Well, in reality, the starting point to changing the course of my life is to change my mind. Note I said the starting point. There will be things I need to do after that but I must start with the way I think about and relate to life based on my thoughts.

possibilitiesRemember Proverbs 23:7? ‘For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he…’ This makes it simple to understand that the success of my life depends on my focus and consistent keen renewal of my mind. I can reach further and go higher if I constantly work on my mind and keep at it since my future doesn’t equal my past.

The depth of hope that has sprung in my heart, mind and life following this realisation is inexplicable. I hope it does the same for you. As you plan out your year; connect deeply with your purpose, find the will of God and set audaciously big goals that will bring Him the greatest glory ever. Remember, you are blessed in every way and every age group.


Failure is never the end

I read something online that got me thinking…it was a quote that said:

You have to be prepared to fail spectacularly. That has always been the cornerstone of how I operate – Tham Khai Meng


Do you think there is any truth to this statement? Has an experience in life ever pointed this way? Or do you totally disagree with the statement?


I believe there is a lot of truth in this statement. However, this truth is not always plain to see and needs honest introspection. Yet, once we begin to understand this statement, we can learn a lot from ‘failure.’ Take time to think about it carefully and you will see what I mean.


When I was in my last year of high school I read and read and read and failed my exams time and time again. I could not understand what was going on but I knew deep in my heart that I was brighter than I was doing. At the end of the second term I had failed so badly I was overcome by a desperate need to at the very minimum get a C+ so I could go straight into campus and not have to do the bridging classes. That holiday I spent loads of time thinking about what I had been doing and figured that I needed to find something different to do or else I would be lost for life. In the end I figured I needed to change my study patterns and find longer rest periods and deal with the stress. Amazingly, just one change enabled me to get good grades and achieve my dream of going straight to university.


Over the years I have learnt that when I look back, hindsight is indeed 20:20. Often, I have shared my sense of loss with a friend clarity comes with the realisation that there is an opportunity to find good in every circumstance and failure is not a bad thing per se. I have learnt that when something doesn’t work out the way I want it to I often call that failure. The question begs, is it really failure?


I have come to see failure differently:

  • Failure is a golden opportunity to redirect my life and find new ways to do things.
  • Failure is a chance to learn something new, discover new paths or rediscover a passion.
  • Failure is an opportunity to redirect attention to other critical issues in life that need attention.
  • Failure will bring to the fore what isn’t working and we need to change or at least alter it slightly.
  • Failure is a reminder that God is in control and I am but a vessel in His service.


Today I accept that when things don’t work out the way I want them to there is a point of growth just around the corner that I will value deeply and greatly a few steps down the line. This has been true time and time again but sometimes I have forgotten this truth.


I choose to connect with God and the challenges he allows my way because I know that they will make me strong and I will bring honour to him.