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It’s not that hard…just ask

Last week I posted the lesson below on my Facebook page…


This week I have been reminded that I don’t know it all and I need to learn to ask for help when I’m not sure what to do…
Asking for help provides insight and knowledge
Asking for help gives another person a chance to share knowledge
Asking for help isn’t easy by any length of string
Asking for help is very humbling

One step at a time…but one step everyday…one move all the way…

Once written it seems so easy but in all honesty it is much harder in practice. Remember how we mull over the issues going on in our lives and feel the need to be all to all and find the answers for ourselves? How much easier would life be if we realised that we cannot indeed find all the answers in ourselves. There are important external sources of information and ideas and neither of us is the custodian of all the information.

I found that the inability to ask for help is born from FEAR…not one kind but fear of many things. Some of the options are…the Fear of:
1. Being vulnerable
2. Losing control
3. Confirming the thoughts of others
4. Loss of image or influence
5. And anything else that you can add as you recognise what scares you

My reality became that not everyone is out to make me look bad and I could actually use the different point of view. In the family that God has positioned around me I have found the strength to seek support and ask questions and get guidance. However, the greatest source of answers I am finding is in my relationship with Papa.

May we all find courage to follow Papa and all the instructions to get help and support.