Living It Out As A Friend – 3

moses Tembo beach 2How in the world do we expect people to grow in their faith if we are just making life hard? How can we make sure that we are all on the right track and following God for real?

Where is the love of Christ in our dealings with each other?

When did Jesus become such a judge that people are left on the outside?

Didn’t Jesus sit with all people and offer them a solution to their lives regardless of their station?

Why are we making God so hard to find and connect to?

So many questions; so few answers. Jean was so sure that the things that happened to Anita were really not right yet the people thought that they were actually doing something right. How did we get so off track?


Earth to Jean…are you there?

Oops, sorry…what did you say?

I was wondering what you were thinking about.

I’m just wondering how we got so far off track as a body of believers. Christ sat with people and shared all He had and yet we stand on our own soap boxes and condemn people with little or no reference to God and His plan for them.

I think it is because we think we know God’s plan for people


Sure think about it, we ‘know’ what God says in His word, we ‘know’ how we should all live out our lives, we ‘know’ how the life of a Christian should look. So how can you say that we are off track?

Anita…really? Have you lost your mind?

Nope…just talking from experience.

What do you wish was done different?

Oh, I only wish that someone asked me what was going on and really listened. I wish someone sent me back to the foot of the cross to find out what God would have me do with my life. I wish someone came alongside me and prayed with me through the storm.

Aha…moses Tembo beach 1

You know the storm is still raging right?


So the person or people walking me through the hardship would be here for the long haul or God would raise people per season.

Why per season?

Because I know that walking with me would be too taxing for most people for the long haul.

Is it really that hard?

Haven’t you heard me out? It’s been like this for more than six months and I can’t see the end of this journey.

What would you do for someone you find in your situation?

I would sit there and shut up until they are ready to talk.

Why shut up?

Well, didn’t you hear the things people said about me?

I did.

Did you believe them?

Yes I did.

moses Rusinga 2Imagine if someone had come alongside and listened then stood up for me in the midst of the talking

You realise that anyone who stood for you would be shouted at and drowned out right?

Maybe but no one bothered to so that issue is not proven. It is my hope that when we stand up for others the voice around them die down slowly and they get the help they need to stand up and be counted. They get the chance to correct the things people are saying about them or someone is able to stop the wagging tongues. The thing that really hurt was the wagging tongues from the creating such madness and hurting my family and others. how many other people were taken down with me because they were seen with me?

Wow! I never saw it that way.


Really! In listening and sharing what I was hearing, I never thought about the impact these discussions were having on you. It was more important for me to be relevant to the conversations I was involved in. I was more interested in my social position than I was in you.

How many would be this honest to me about the ‘kick’ they got out of talking about me?

I’m not sure.

If so many people talked about me then, what makes you sure they won’t do it to someone else?

There’s no guarantee.

That is my point. When will we as believers connect to the deeper things that God is saying about others before we judge them according to our personal plan and knowledge? When will we start seeking God about each person we meet as opposed to making snap human judgements? When will we learn that we can only judge people as God says for as long as He says and in the way that He says? To deal with anyone in a way other than how God has said is to live in disobedience.

What? How?

Let me explain. If when we met I looked at you and decided that you would be like everyone else I wouldn’t have sat to speak to you, right?


So what made me talk to you?


Yes. I had prayed a prayer in the morning and I was looking out for the answer. In all honesty you were not the person I thought I would meet because I expected a more ‘spiritual’ person. No offence.

None taken.

We have never spoken on this level and I would never thought that I could have had this kind of conversation. Yet, when God confirmed in my heart that you were the one to speak to, I had to choose to obey His prompting or face another day of madness. Every day I must choose right and walk aright and ensure that I keep on the right track. The last few months have disconnected me from the way I have always lived my life to a deep, daily, dependence on Him alone. I don’t want to have anyone tell me what I need to do. I have decided to spend my time talking to God, hearing, understanding and living out His word as He says whether or not it makes sense to me from the start. I am no longer interested in the rules and regulations that govern our relationships and walk with God. I am so tired and not going that way anymore and I am glad to leave all others behind who cannot understand my position.


Well…in Jeremiah 1:5, God was talking to Jeremiah and He said, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you
were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations.”
God was clear who He created Jeremiah to be…a prophet to the nations. Surely God has an established plan for me and I must connect to that reality and take the step to understand and live out His purpose. If there is an established and sure plan for my life, why would I settle for less? So I’m done! I am done! I am no longer interested in the lazy, disconnected way I have been living. I am no longer interested moses Rusinga 1into making people happy. This experience has taught me that I need to spend my time at the feet of Jesus and do only what He would have me do. I am choosing to stop rumour mongering and start really talking to people. I’m not asking anyone to pray for me to get out of here rather I am asking God, what do I need to learn here? where do I need to go from here? Who do I need to walk with? who do I need to walk away from? What do I need to do everyday to keep walking with Him?

Isn’t it radical?

Of course it is radical but I am so tired of the same old, same old. I’m tired of being on the receiving end of life rather than on the influencing end. I am tired of why me. I am simply tired of this life. remember your dad says, “To be different; you must do different.” This is me doing different.


Are we in this together?


Let’s pray.

Dear Father,

Here are your two little girls, choosing today to live our lives radically different for you because You are the only one who can change our lives. Come in to our lives afresh dear Father, disconnect us from the things we held onto that aren’t adding value  and connect us to the things that are in your heart. Show us the right paths for each of us. Remove the people who will take away from our walk and bring in the right travel companions. We give you thanks right now and will continue to give You thanks as we walk with you daily.

It is done in Jesus Name. Amen.

(Images courtesy of Moses Nderitu)

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