This is ME

Welcome to: My life: My passion.

I have been writing since I was thirteen and over the years my desire and passion to share my faith in clear and relatable ways led me to use my personal journey and those of people around me as fodder for writing. In an effort to be more consistent I began blogging in 2010. I have written and provided social media content and support for the Daystar Alumni Association, Lifespring Chapel Syokimau and Chana Consultancy.

In 2017 I released my first devotional ‘Truly Living’ a first of several and currently supporting several brands as a storyteller and content developer at Dotsavvy Africa, Gilead Mental Health Consultants and Design Kenya Society.

I am a woman of faith, vision, passion and action. I choose to remain full of life and love no matter what happens in life. I am certain that this will be one of the greatest journeys of my life.

Welcome aboard! Let’s we walk together and learn from each other. Feel free to comment that I too may learn from you.

9 thoughts on “This is ME

  1. G

    A glass of water…raising a cuppa tea would be stronger. I’m looking forward to reading loads and loads of your pieces. Here’s to you: your passion, your life, your world. Thank you for the invitation.

  2. elijah

    Let your heart overtake the hands that writes, a sincere heart will always impact, wish you well and I have no doubt what you are capble of… keep us posted


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