Glory of Creation

#SimpleThings…this photo was shared by Moses Nderitu part of the Jubilee Ride from Nairobi to the Cape and back to raise money for scholarships.

I have followed the ride on Twitter and Facebook and have seen some of the most astounding pictures I have ever seen. Everyday I see another expression of the majesty of creation

I stand amazed…every day I see the pictures I remember the anthem…the great prayer for and blessing over us…

O God of all creation
Bless this our land and nation
Justice be our shield and defender
May we dwell in unity
Peace and liberty
Plenty be found within our borders.

Let one and all arise
With hearts both strong and true
Service be our earnest endeavour
And our homeland of Kenya
Heritage of splendour
Firm may we stand to defend.

Let all with one accord
In common bond united
Build this our nation together
And the glory of Kenya
The fruit of our labour
Fill every heart with thanksgiving.

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