I am more than you see


Simple things make me happy these days…things like

  • A good night’s rest
  • A meal on the table
  • A friend’s call, text or email
  • Words like thank you, please, I love you
  • A hug
  • A smile
  • A softly spoken word of love
  • A look

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You see I have never thought of myself as sentimental but off late I have realised that I am indeed totally sentimental. I have always been a toughy tooth, but recently I realised that under that tough exterior is just a girl. A girl who wants to be loved, appreciated, applauded, challenged, supported and rewarded…the list is endless.

Is that so bad? Maybe or maybe not…Well in the recent past some people around me have indicated that these needs can be an impediment to getting ahead. We have all heard the saying that nice girls don’t go far but is that really God’s design? If we were to be so tough and hardened, why did God make us with the inherent need to be loved and appreciated? Was it a mistake that we are born into families? Is it a mistake that we have a desire to belong?

I am clear on a few things and they are as follows:

  • If I love you I will tell you while we are both alive
  • I will celebrate you and our relationship
  • If you do not respond then I will take it that you are more important to me than I am to you
  • I will learn to live with that reality and probably walk away
  • I will take time to find peace within me and enjoy things on this side of heaven
  • I will work hard and make life different wherever I am stationed
  • I will take time to rest

2013-04-20 16.37.46

You see, I am human, I get lonely, I hurt, I long for friendship, I love, I lose, I win, I fail, I cry, I laugh, I get mad, I feel hatred, I repent, I feel lost,  I feel alive, I find my way, I get tired, I scream in frustration, I dance for joy, I have desires, I may covet, I want more love and less pain, I want a better car, better outfit, better shoes, less drama in life, more joy and love. The other reality is that you may never see most of these stages unfold because I have mastered the art of keeping things away from the cameras. I have also realised that most people don’t really want to see the other side in those around them. However, when you see me composed in public know that I have gone through all the necessary phases and indeed I do go through the full range of motions that is why I get be alive and out here.

My prayer is that you will look at others around you and realise that what you see is not the full picture and take time to find out how that person is really doing…take time to love not just me but yourself and others too.

I am much more than you will ever see.


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